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Janis Joplin by Judy Joy Jones
I began painting from the confines of a hospital bed at the age of 31 for the first time in my life after a near death experience.  I had never painted before.  From the second my brushes touched the canvas, I knew my only purpose for being alive was to share my brief moment in time...
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Two Tears for the Joy and Sorrow of Living Life by Judy Joy Jones
 "Your story was EXCELLENT and I ran it on the front page of the March 2013 issue. http://www.thestreetspirit.org/one-billion-rising/  I was so proud to publish your work. Thanks so much for your fantastic work!!!"...Terry Messman; Editor of The Street Spirit, Berkeley, California Eve...
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A Saint
  What would Dr. Martin Luther King have done? The United States Congress proposed future budget cuts to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, low-income housing as well as medical clinics offering services to the poor, if passed, will put millions of elderly, physically and mentally challenged...
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A Dream?
  The newscasters voice screamed; "Terrorists having Bombs Surgically Implanted"!  Upon hearing that new more invasive airport scanners would soon be available to inspect every inch of our bodies; inner and outer, I went to my computer and started typing;   "Reasons for new...
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ALICE WALKER, Pultizer Prize Winning Poet
  May all the saints and angels and us-you and I, the people of the our new one-world, one-galaxy universe send Ms. Walker and all the others on the Freedom Flotialla as well as those in Gaza and Israel love, hope, freedom and most of all peace from our hearts and souls.  We are all brothers...
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"Intergalactically Blended Lifeforce!"
As wars rage on I shall always hold close to my soul a person who called herself 'Peace Pilgrim'.  She walked across this land penniless, carrying only a toothbrush and a comb with the message:   "I shall remain a wanderer until mankind has learned the way of peace, walking until I am...
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Dr. Masaru Emoto
   Dr. Masaru Emoto on Judy Joy Jones Show talks about Japan Earthquake Global Prayer Ceremony. He's a World Spiritual leader, known for WHAT THE BLEEP DO WE KNOW!  Show link: http://tinyurl.com/48ntkbt
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The Judy Joy Jones Show live interview with Dr. Maya Angelou; fellow Redroom Author, can be downloaded through my Redroom Media podcasts. Hailed as a remarkable Renaissance woman, beloved poet, best-selling author;  Dr. Maya Angelou; www.redroom.com/author/maya-angelou, has the unique ability to...
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Helen Thomas
Ms. Helen Thomas;  interviewed on The Judy Joy Jones Show; @http://www.judyjoyjonesshow.com; is an American news service reporter, Hearst Newspaper columnist, member of the White House Press Corps & best-selling author!  Starting with John F. Kennedy, Ms. Thomas has covered every president...
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Arun Gandhi.jpg
Please join me in welcoming Arun Gandhi; grandson of Mahatma Gandhi; the great Spiritual Leader of India on the Judy Joy Jones Show on Monday; February 16th @ 4pm PST; 7pm EST at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Judy-Joy-Jones-Show/2009/02/17/Arun-Gandhi-Grandson-of-Mahatma-Gandhi-Spiritual-Leader-of-...
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On Wednesday; February 4th at 9am PST, 12pm EST, The Judy Joy Jones Show Theme Music by Stefan Meylers will be premiered @ http://www.judyjoyjonesshow.com.   Stefan Meylaers is a brilliant classical composer & concert pianist, who is a member of The Belgian Composers Association. His music...
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I found a group on Facebook which said;  "Everyone Welcome!"  Has heaven has finally merged with earth's shores?  Being accepted 'As Is', spreads peace on earth; opening  hearts, minds and arms to embracing one another.  Weapons will be laid down to rest forever when all peoples are truly...
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Wednesday, January 28 @ 7pm PST, 9pm CST, 10pm EST Fresh from 'Coast to Coast' radio appearance, Elvis Presley historian, Cory Cooper takes center stage to set the record straight about Elvis's death! Cory's a frequent source for books, radio shows, movies and television projects about Elvis's life...
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Quote of Derek Sivers; Founder of Cd Baby: “MIDEMnet: out of 55 speakers, only 2 are women!?   Lopsided doesn’t usually bother me, but this is ridiculous.” Women are still on the back of the bus, period!  Don’t believe it?  Ask anyone to name even four women painters throughout history (there have...
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The interview with opera composer Carla Lucero by Judy Jones in "ON THE ROAD WITH JUDY!" is dedicated to the silenced voices of female composers throughout history.  May they speak forever more through the pens of poets and writers all over the earth.  The last female commissioned opera...
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