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"Shirley Maclaine; Creative Genius!" by Judy Joy Jones
Jones writing’s a gift of genius; shocking and moving you to tears. You will never be the same after reading the The Bones of the Homeless. A Must Read!
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Shirley Maclaine's creative genius is so bright, it could lighten all earths skies at night!  She is a brilliant actress, gifted dancer, author, spiritual leader, producer and director and exudes a magical essence that radiates all over the earth.    Her best selling book; 'Don't Fall off the Mountain!' proved not only was Shirley a beautiful award winning actress; but she also had the courage to leave her plush Hollywood life; and write about her spiritual journey while traveling around the world.    On a personal note; 'Don't Fall off the Mountain' touched a small silenced voice inside me crying; 'Please Judy, don't die without having lived' and then I knew.  The name of the mountain Shirely Maclaine refused to fall off of was that of her souls callings; no matter where they led her.   And because of Ms. Maclaine's book; after a lifetime of being a 'coat hanger; size three baby-doll honey doormat'; helping my husband, father and brothers become successful in their careers; my life changed forever and I have never looked back. Her journey to become, find and be more of who she really was; set my own spirit on fire and I will forever be grateful.    I bought my first pair of jogging shoes, swim suit, a bicycle and entered the Ironman contest in Hawaii. After ten years of bulimia and smoking two pack of cigarettes a day, weighing 87 pounds soaking wet; I was going to become 'an Ironwoman'.  Run 26 miles; swim three and bike a 100 miles?  Why not?  If Shirley could venture up a mountain, I could try and find out what I could do before I died!     And my ten year old marriage?  Finished.  Never again would I be anyone's size three 'baby doll honey'.  I left the safe ship in the harbor, ten years of bulimia, a house and all the other comforts I might never again be able to afford on my own, and ventured into the wide-open seas.   Shirley had let go of her glamour movie star image; struck off to places I had never heard of, and written brilliant books about her spiritual adventures and I too had finally set out to become acquainted with a woman I had never known, myself.   Ms. Maclaine continues to be a splendid example of a woman who has grown beyond all expectation, in spite of a career that seemingly eats people alive as quickly as it exalts them.  Shirely's latest book; 'Sage-ing While Age-ing' turns me on!   My grandmother came across the United States in a covered wagon, cooked, had babies and made quilts. She was taught that was a woman's proper role.  Had she known Shirley Maclaine traveled around the world alone; Granny would have fainted!   Shirley Maclaine's amazing ability to continue taking on new and challenging movie roles in a profession that hardly holds the doors open for older women, gives all of us new ways of seeing ourselves. No longer are we just 'glamour queens', with only a few years of productivity until the first wrinkles appear.  Shirley walks the talk, showing through example that aging can help us become wiser and take even more chances; living our lives 100% the older we get!    Perhaps the reason we don't hear about Shirley Maclaine in the tabloids; is because her 'rich and famous' comes from a place that never goes away. It is from her inner journey into her own soul.  In her books; she thanks those in her life she has differences with; seeing everyone as a teacher and gift.  Ms. Maclaine is like a beautiful flowing river; gently moving over rocks, accepting the storms, not whaling and fighting against them.  I believe she tapped into the wisdom that all of us seek.  We either throw out our outgrown clothes, or die old and miserable; looking back instead of forward to each day as a new adventure!   Were I a time-traveler a hundred years from now, reading about Ms. Maclaine, I would describe her as a sage; a woman overflowing with peace and humor whose light anyone was lucky enough to be touched by; was gently guided to a much higher place.    Ms. Maclaine encourages us all to 'reach for our stars' and enjoy every single moment of this incredible journey called life.   Shirely Maclaine; a light whose brilliance has only just begun!   Judy Joy Jones                                          c jj 2008   The Judy Joy Jones Show   On the Road With Judy!   The Bones of the Homeless by Judy Joy Jones   Blessed Mother Teresa