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"Life on Earth will be like 'Living on the Wrong Side of the Tracks!' by Judy Joy Jones
Jones writing’s a gift of genius; shocking and moving you to tears. You will never be the same after reading the The Bones of the Homeless. A Must Read!
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Life on earth will shortly be like living on the 'wrong side of the tracks' and we are going to have a glorious time in outer space!      I was two years old when my five year old brother built his first telescope.  He was a scientist and inventor; taking me on magical explorations through the galaxies on a nightly basis; critically allowing me to see at a very young age, how tiny earth is in comparison to the zillions of planets and stars!   When he was sixteen, I helped him with his experiment of sending mice into space to see how man would breath during space explorations, many years before we had even begun plans for going to the moon.  He was sited by the Air Force and they used his findings for future manned space explorations.   Never was life dull; not with my brother!  He rarely slept and when I asked him why; he said; 'Because, I need to think'.  At age ten, he made a counterfeit quarter and my father made certain that even though they worked fine in all the machines and no clerk could even spot one,  if he ever made anymore; his fate would be one that no child on earth would wish for!  Well, you see, a genius can create and does, period.  Without guidance; their inventions can lead us as we all know to mass destruction.  But our father kept a close watch on his gifted son and so did I!   Whenever he needed someone to help him carry home huge snakes we found in the bayous near our home; I was recruited.  Now, I certainly wasn't fond of lugging a ten foot snake home but at age seven; I never questioned him.  I followed him regardless.  After all he was my 'big brother' and little sisters do that.  And life with him was great fun!  The snakes were used in a science fair exhibit of his; along with (Ug!) roaches.    When he started cave exploration; that's about the time I lost interest in following him.  Never liked going down in holes; dangling from ropes.  He did and was actually written about in National Geographic.  He led a cave exhibition in France and they went deeper into one cave then anyone had ever gone.  They were stuck on a ledge; in pitch dark for 48 hours and he described it as the most exciting time of his life.    Next came mountain climbing, jewelry making and one day he decided it was time to make money.  And he did.  Millions.  He invented a software; started a company and after selling it; was able to buy a huge house in the mountains which became his new laboratory.  He cut a hole in the roof of one the rooms so he could stare at the stars at night.   Wanna know a secret?  The best older brother to have in the world is a scientist and inventor.  They are more fun then going to a movie everyday.  Guess I was just lucky; well until he wanted me to help him lug those ten foot snakes home that is!

So why is living on earth going to be like living on the wrong side of the tracks soon?  Because evolution is ruthless and like it or not; we are going to be inhabiting Mars and many other planets as we become a galactic society!  Now as we all know; when we are comfortable, fat and happy, do we want to move, grow and change into something even bigger and better?   Of course not; we want to be left alone to enjoy our creature comforts!   But  'ol evolution'  has very different ideas and has decided that to make living on earth a little harder; a little less comfortable, is the perfect way to keep us moving onward and upward.  Not fair you cry?  No, but what is?  And in the end, does it matter?  Because guess who is going to win.  Our desire for comfort; or evolutions desire for us to inhabit other planets?    We all know in every town, there is the part known as 'the wrong side of the tracks'.  Dangerous, dirty, poverty, and more uneducated people live there.  Same with earth. And we all know people that refuse to grow, that stay where they are; regardless of the dangers or signs that it is time to move on.  Evolution has knocked long and hard at their doors; but they just close them even tighter to its call. And what does evolution do?  You will have to make a visit back to earth from your new homes on Mars and ask those that refused to grow what their lives are like.    Me, I am going to be on the first space shuttle!  I want to be a pioneer on Mars, Venus and all the other planets we shall shortly inhabit.  After all, I grew up observing these beautiful places through my older brothers hand made telescope night after night.    See ya on Mars, very very soon. We will be Martians and our children?  Probably, Moonbeams, Venusites and Plutovilles!                                                                                                      c jj 2008   The Judy Joy Jones Show   On the Road With Judy!   The Bones of the Homeless