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Interviews with Karel; Kgo Talk Show Host & Carla Lucero; Female Opera Composer
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Karel and Andrew

 'On the Road With Judy!' presents "Karel and his Beloved Andrew".

After hearing Karel and his husband Andrew on a radio talk show in Los Angeles;  thier love for one another pierced my heart with an arrow.  May your heart be opened as mine was while enjoying the love that will never die between Karel and his beloved Andrew, in the interview I did for 'On The Road With Judy!'.  Karel is now hosting a KGO talk show in San Francisco, California; alone since  Andrew passed away from Aids disease.  Interview at link below.


 "Women Composers Not Allowed!", is an interview with Ms. Carla Lucero; Opera Composer.  Women composers in opera are almost unheard of;  before Carla Lucero completed her first opera  'Wuornos'.  Carla's second opera, 'Sor Juana', premiering in 2009,  is receiving world-wide attention.  Carla is a trail-blazing genius who is rapidly paving the way with lights for all female composers.

Enjoy meeting Ms. Carla Lucero, Opera Composer at link below: