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Blues Legend Sonny Robertson who played with Jimi Hendrix, BB King, Ike &Tina Turner, is Back Again!
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Sonny Robertson; Blues Legend was the guest on  The Judy Joy Jones Show;  October 11th.  His latest cd;  'From the Banks of the Mississippi; Kissing the Monkey',  is his best yet.  Not only is he a seasoned singer; he also composes his songs.

Sonny's voice shrieks, cries, moans, & groans; opening the listeners hearts and all our old wounds; allowing us to feel, bleed and finally allowing us to heal.  His voice is the  world's soul  turned inside out.  It's black, blue and blood red.  No way ya gonna be the same person after hearing this man pouring out those blues.

We hear in Sonny's voice; "Life is sad, hard and can be sheer hell, but whoever said that getting to the 'good stuff' would be easy?'  He doesn't  'sugarcoat life'.  Sonny just sings the hell outta it.

Every now and then, you meet someone so at home in their own skin; all the sudden you are feeling pretty good about your ownself.  'AS IS'....Yup, that's Sonny Robertson;  'AS IS'.

Get his new album;  'From the Banks of the Mississippi; Kissing the Monkey!'  and become real again!

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 Judy Joy Jones Show with Sonny Robertson

http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Judy-Joy-Jones-Show/2008/10/12/Blues-Legend-Sonny-Robertson-who-played-with-Jimi-Hendrix-BB-King-Ike-Tina-Turner-Back-Again-   http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Judy-Joy-Jones-Show   http://www.sonnyrobertson.com/intro.html





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Very cool!    I got to

Very cool!    I got to see John Lee Hooker and Bo Diddley in Anchorage a few years ago.   Bo's opening remarks as he looked over the audience.

 "How come all I sees out there is a bunch of middle-age white guys?"

Classic Diddley!


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Thats funny!

Judy Joy Jones

Nxt Friday night ; I have a young UK Rock group discovered by The Rolling Stones coming on! Ronnie Woods; Stones bass player was so taken with them he recorded their record!

Seems they gig 24/7; do anything and everything..lots of bands/musicians won't do that but this group will and thus were seen by Rolling Stones.

Should be fun..I will post the show under notices when I get it up and running..hopefully tomorrow..

I loved interviewing Sonny Robertson..He is so real; ya know? Just knows and does his music best he can..I admire that..if you listened to interview; there was a time he said he was on drugs and reached the absolute bottom..but he came up and is at it again! Seems like nice guy..never met him but over the radio..my second interview with him.