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sharing good news and (three more) good books

New Village Press will publish By Heart: A Prison Conversation , a two-person memoir I'm writing with Spoon Jackson.

We will talk about prison, poetry, education, inequity, beauty, possibility, and what it means to be human. The process of our conversations -- in person at San Quentin, and in letters over the nineteen years since then -- is one Spoon calls diving, and both conversation and diving give shape to By Heart. You can read more about Spoon who is currently at CSP-Sac serving Life without Possibility of Parole.

New Village Press also published Red Room author Arlene Goldbard's New Creative Community: The Art of Cultural Development. And here's another brand new New Village Press book I strongly recommend: Art and Upheaval: Artists on the World's Frontlines by William Cleveland.

Also, I have one more new book to recommend. . Uncommon Community: One Congregation's Work with Prisoners documents and discusses three prison programs begun by a Unitarian congregation in Texas. The work is interesting, the perspective broad and deep.