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ENJOY THIS ONE. it seems to me the bible is one amazing fiction book writen by many amazing creative writers but it is the true stories of the lives of people. Theres no better story than a true story. I have loads of these kinds of stories, message me and tell me what you think. My email is ogejudyamadi@yahoo.com and my number is 2348100991950. BE INSPIRED.



The bitter taste of sin.

He laughed. “You must be joking Dina”

She laughed too. “You have been in the party for a long time now. They say you criticize and speak of a revolution like no man has heard of before and they want to see that revolution materialize”

Dave had been sitting in the room the cool breeze from the fan cooling his mind and setting him at ease. He felt happy that evening. He had just written a few notes on the president that day. He looked into the mirror and yawned and felt hungry. He did that often. After that he said a prayer that afternoon and lay down to rest. He had just finished a drink when he felt like ordering for another one, he felt hopelessly thirsty. Dave was tall, he had moderate build, he had a few grey hairs glistening on his head. Dave had an electric smile, a pleasant pure while complexion, eyes that looked like a squint just like a few of the friends he consorted with. He was handsome in a strange way. A way that had never been seen before. He opened the orbit chewing gum pack picked out one and chewed.

Dave was in his late forties. He looked very calm that day when the news came. She ran in with two friends. She was wearing a suit and looking beautiful. She had a smile on her face and the other two did. They announced it to him. “Democratic freedom party wants you as their candidate”

He stood up and danced. The music was on it was by Elvis presley. He put the music loud and danced excitedly. He twirled Dina round and laughed excitedly.

Soon the winds of destiny made him Arthur James Announced it clearly that he was the man to stand for the party and it was clear that people would vote for no other party than the one that represented freedom for the people. He was excited. He looked around in pride in his office excited about everything.

He was set to be off to a meeting away in town and told his wife and she wanted to come. She talked a lot. “Honey you cant go alone”

He knew he was not fond of her. She had tried everything but he could never be fond of her. She wanted to talk less but if she did he would not notice her. She was a proud woman. She bossed him around. Her father was a rich man and had been one of those who suggested him as a candidate.

Later there was the war against terrorism and he fought bravely. The war was coming to an end and there was a lot of glory to record on his part. He had become a hero. People sang his praise. He brought the great terrorist ‘Black eyes’ down.

He sat in his high rise building watching the city. He had come to stay in that part of the country for an important visit and meeting with the governor. He wanted a view of the entire city so his got into the room and took this pair of binoculars and used them as a view over the city. He loved what he saw. It was beautiful. He lingered watching and then he saw her. His wife was not there she was back at the white house with the rest of the children. Dina had come to stay with them too and she brought Agatha along and together they spent their time chatting and having good times.

Bessie was a twenty seven year old woman who lived close by. She was alone. Her husband was away. He was an army commander. it was the pool at the roof top.

She took off her clothes and got into the shower. Then she took off her under wear piece by piece. He watched and kept watching. She had this radio with her and the music that was playing went on loudly. She flexed under the water and let the water pour on her fast. She danced to the song.

“There she goes looking like a star…”

He was watching. He got engrossed and could feel some passion for her.

Just at that moment meanwhile his wife Amelia, boiled some can food out in the kitchen. It was macaroni and corn and green peas boiled with ketchup and chicken chops. She also used some mayonese in it. She wanted to call her husband to ask him if he was hungry. She had put in cans of the food for him there. She did not want to bother him as well.

He kept watching the woman and wanted to talk with her. Bessie was tall and slender and had a golden complexion. She was beautiful to say the least and she had this body that dazzled and was enchanting to look at. In fact it was alluring. She looked like something that should be gobbled up fast and he felt that way at the time.

He did not think for long. He rushed out of the room and called a friend. Meanwhile Bessie wore her swim suit and lay on the resting chair out in the roof of the building. It was a nice one. Her husband was a rich man but not like the industrious president who had used his position and salary to start up businesses that were growing very fast. He was now a name in many fields and had won many awards for business.

“He wants to see me.” Bessie asked and took off her dark glasses.

She waved her hair with her neck and took a sip of her drink.

She wanted to see him too but she was scared. She wanted to meet the president but she did not want to. She knew it had to be something that would be dangerous. He was a handsome man and she knew it and could not deny the fact but he was also married just like her and she saw no need of seeing him.

“I don’t know. Alright fine, I would see him but please I hope he knows I am married.”

“Women all you need is power and you would sway.”

“I am not that type of woman, you have not yet told me why he is calling me anyway. He is responsible and he is president so I wonder if he does not know this but there is no way he could have any ulterior motives”

 He saw her in the black dress and imagined her without clothes. He wanted to catch a glimpse feast his eyes on her body as he had done from afar. He asked the man to leave.

She hesitated then stayed back. She admired him, and she felt elated to be admired by such a man, it was now clear to her it was no story anymore that this man admired her and wanted something from her.

“I don’t know why you sent for me, please say so, Mr president sir, I just want to know, I am curious, I cant wait.” She smiled and winked with the corner of her eyes.

He grabbed her with such urgency and kissed her. She was in shock.

“What are you doing” she asked.

“What I only dreamt of doing”

“You know this is wrong sir, I am married”

He smiled. “Don’t worry. He took her to the bed and undressed her. He took one look at her fully unclothed. Then her pounced on her and plunged into her.”

She gasped for breath. She held him tight and he said to her “Move your body”

She obeyed. She moved and moved and he kissed her on and on. He pressed his body tight to hers and closed up on her and went on making love to her. They were tightly locked up in each others embrace and he put a lot of pressure in between her legs. She cried out twice and rested back. She had been moving all the time and it was no rape.

He liked her a lot.

“I love you.”

She asked him why. “I have never felt a real woman, my wife is a money bag who knows everything and says everything, you are different, warm and beautiful and hot in bed”
She laughed. “You exhausted me.”

“I want us to keep doing this for the rest of our lives. I would get a divorce.”

He made a plan to have her husband shot dead at the war front by the enemy by asking his fellow men to abandon him on field and they obeyed.

Then her thought of God and he thought of the love of his new mistress. The woman he wanted to give everything to and he cried. He could not let go of her.

He had two beautiful daughters. But Bessie got pregnant and it was a boy. He rushed to see his son.

He was told at the hospital that the boy was dead. He collapsed on the ground. He knew God was punishing him because he had already been told in a dream. He remembered it.

“Son what did you, you have killed and you must pay.

He had seen the boy in the ipad picture. The boy looked just like him. A handsome jewish boy from his jewess mother and father. He was handsome to say the least. He looked every inch like his father and still looked every inch like his mother. She had tagged the picture. A beautiful combo. He laughed and had rushed there. It was then when he raised an alarm that people knew that he was the father of the child.

He had lied before that he was just being a friend to the commander.

He came into the hospital room and saw her eyes brimming red. She looked like a ghost with the red rims around her eyes and golden red sunny complexion had gone pale white. He held her in the arms and they wept together.

His wife heard the news and wept. She said she had forgiven him. Immediately he was to be thrown out of the office. He wept about the disgrace and all that had happened but begged God to forgive him and woman he now held close to his heart. She wept to him.

“You started all this, this is my first child and the doctors say I might never have another child. What am I supposed to do now, you got me into all this and I heard you arranged to have my husband killed. You took advantage of a lonely woman who had never known love and now our son is dead”

“This is the bitter taste of sin, dawning on us”

“I know he never loved you and years with him, you could drown yourself, but you love me and God loves us. He spoke to me and said he wants me to be calm. I said to him, cast me not away from your presense oh lord and take not your holy spirit from me, rather restore unto me the joy of my salvation and renew right spirit within me, he promised I would have another son and I promise you I still have some contacts and connections and friends as an ex president. That boy would become the president of the united states some day”

She smiled. “I believe you, you are a special man and God must really love you, it would happen.” They kissed and she wiped her tears. He held her in his arms and carried her to the car. He dropped her in the front seat as the car took them away from the house they were presently in to another home he had set up for her….