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  • You have to learn to let go; let go of all your regrets. I have them and I’m sure you do too. When I hear people say, "If I could live my life over, I wouldn't change a thing," I think to myself, "I would." There are things I would not have said. There are many things I would have said. There are risks I would have taken.
  •  Maybe it's different for you but I've found it easier to forgive myself for the things I've done than I have for the things I didn't do. But, I know it's time to let go...to stop punishing myself...to stop hating myself...to start loving my life for what it is...to let go of the ego that always says inside my head, You didn't quite make it did you?" It is time to...

  •  Let go of my fears...my worries. Do you ever worry about your children like I do? Or, about yourself? Whether your health will hold up? Whether time will ever slow down its relentless march toward death? And, whether you'll have enough to live on until you do die? I have so much to let go of, do you? I must let go, I know. And, so must you. If you wish to be free, that is. Free to live in the awareness of Divine provision and grace. To trust. To know that just as no leaf--think of this as you drive down the street and leaves fall like rain on the streets, on your windshield--remind yourself that no leaf ever, ever falls to the ground unnoticed. If that is so, then how could you ever be forgotten? Virtually all spiritual traditions remind you and me that the Universe remembers. Every leaf I see today will remind me to pause for just a few seconds...to breathe deeply...and, as I do, to inhale the grace of the fall air...to let it replenish my fading memory...and to rekindle in me the awareness I, too, can let go...to let life alone...to fall freely into the hands our destiny.
  • New theories are being developed at a breathtaking rate; it won’t be long before all the mathematical theories about alternate dimensions and universes will be proven. So much that we take for granted now as the gospel truth will be explained in a new light and in  new ways.
  • Women will not have to bear the load anymore. We can be free to make our own choices without worrying whether it is good or bad. It is all a learning experience. We have to live with our choices and be ready to make other and better choices each day of our lives. And we have to remember to experience each day as though it is a new day, not just a repetition of yesterday or reminiscing about tomorrow and wishing for next month or next year. We have to enjoy each moment of our lives and if we are not enjoying our life, we have to change it. This is your big chance, and the time to change things if you want.