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Moving is such a pain-in-the-butt and a headache to boot. It is not for the faint of heart.  I do admire people who can just pack up and move. I'm not one of them.  Hubby is so different and why didn't I see this before? Actually, I did--in the last six moves. But, this is the seventh and hopefully the last. And, it has brought out the worst in both of us.

From the moment the buyers fell in love with our house , the papers signed and the conditions lifted, Hubby was already dismantling and packing. He was a whirlwind of activity. At that time, my thinking was--we didn't get possession of our new home until July 12th which gave us almost two weeks to move the small bits over by ourselves. The moving van would arrive July 24th to move the big pieces and the house would welcome its new owners 2-days later.

Two weeks ago, I was looking at organized chaos seen through my eyes but chaos seen through my mate's. Why is it that men can  toss their things into two cartons and are ready to move? The past few weeks--for me--has been a time of purging seldom used pots and pans, utensils and anything else that happened to reside in closets, cupboards and drawers. There has been a lot of stuff collected over the past 5-years and conveniently deposited in the ample spaces a house seems to offer. Old files and correspondance have been diligently shredded.  Then there are my books:  reference books, recipe books, fiction books of mysteries, thrillers, adventures and romance-thrillers, nonfiction books of travel, art and cooking filled my shelves. Copious files and background material needed for ongoing writing projects.  Taking a break from deadlines from my understanding editor has been one less worry off my never-ending list. My desktop is filled with numerous yellow "sticky" notes reminding me of the many subscriptions, utilities, relatives, friends,  neighbours and editors who will be needing the new address.

Hubby had made a list of priorities and we have followed it closely. The trusty Volvo's cargo area has already transported our kitchen and dining room tables, all the chairs, small bedside tables, two dressers, Hubby's computer desk and station, the stereo system, VCR/DVD player plus two large sets of Ikea shelving--dismantled and reassembled in our new home. We have already transported linen, towels, dishes, coffee mugs, teapots, glasses, pots and pans and most important of all, our youngest grandchildrens's toy-box including Grumpy Bear, Sugar Bear and Honey Bear.  We will be dismantling my computer station this weekend and taking it to our new place ourselves. The movers will have only a few large pieces of furniture to move in their van.

We are nearly done and the end is near--the end being in another week, Hubby and I will be able to stay in one place and never pack again--unless it's for a fun trip somewhere!  Of course, we said this five years ago but Fate tipped her hat at us and presto, a change and a move. . . Hopefully next time, Fate will tip her hat to someone else.


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Happy Moving, Judee! Wishing

Happy Moving, Judee! Wishing you much happiness in your new, and hopefully permanent home! mx

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Thank you Mary--we are almost

Thank you Mary--we are almost moved and I can hardly wait to enjoy our new home. . .Not sure how I can survive without my computer for three days before we are reconnected with email and the internet--And yes, this will be our final move!

Ciao, J     

PS. Fun picture--I like this one!

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Judee, Having moved in the


Having moved in the past year myself, I could identify most empathetically with your experiences.  In addition to the exhausting  physical labors such as packing and lifting boxes, for older people there is the emotional stress of separating themselves from a life-time home and treasured memories associated with it [ref. blog "It's All (or Mainly) Perspective"].  Since your specialty is writing for older people, you should consider writing an article based on their "moving" experiences,  perhaps centered on "cameo" profiles of selected persons you interview or know first-hand from personal experience. Feel free to paraphrase or quote from my blog if  anything in it would be helpful in your writing.



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Hi Brenden, Thank you for

Hi Brenden,

Thank you for understanding all the nuances of moving. I read your piece on moving after decades and it must have been a most challenging and emotional time for you. I can only boast  of 5-years but like you, we are moving from a house to a condo. Your suggestion of doing a piece on the "moving" experiences of older people is a good one--shall keep in touch with you on this. Take care --Wishing you much joy in your new home and here's to building new memories.  Cheers, J


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Judee, I had to chuckle at

Judee, I had to chuckle at your piece, as I saw myself looking at "organized chaos" during our recent move, while my significant other saw only chaos. He seriously and jokingly called me a hoarder. He, like your husband was able to put most of his belongings into two or three boxes, not including his clothes-- with little thought. I'm sure you're just as happy as I am that the moving is done!

I'm glad to hear that you have your very own den to work in now and it sounds as though your settling right in to your new condo. : )

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Hi Rebbecca, Am glad to hear

Hi Rebbecca,

Am glad to hear you understood what I was going through--hopefully, you're settling in too. Makes such a difference to actually finally and physically actually move into our new location!  Hope you have more space for your writing too. . . Cheers, J