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Lost Pen Found

I found it!  Yep, my elusive, favourite bobble-head-green-hair-troll-with-the-purple face pen. The pen that never ran out of ink. The pen that mysteriously disappeared when I absolutely needed it.

Where was it all these months?  I had been searching since April, thinking it was probably beneath all the this-n-that's on my desk. It wasn't. Somehow, in the midst of packing and moving, it managed to tuck itself into my crafts-box and snuggled in with all the ribbons, buttons and fancy doo-dads. It was sneaky enough to hide among the green ribbons so his  rubberized green hair was neatly camouflaged. But, how the heck did he get there?

Okay, my new resolution for the rest of September is to aim for a neater desk top. Huh, easier said than done!  After all, too neat seems so alien to me. I've often stated that my work area is not messy--it's organized chaos. That means, I know where everything is including my purple-face-green-haired troll pen.  Yep, I have it tucked into my shirt pocket, ready to whip out at a nanosecond's notice.

Now, if I can only find my pen with the bobble-head, green-faced alligator with the buggy eyes--that's the one you squeeze the cheeks and the alligator's eyes pops out. Great for thinking and really great as a replacement "stress-ball." And, that pen never ran out of ink either!  Boy, they sure don't make tough, rugged pens anymore. Especially ones with personalities. . .  

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Pen Pal

I'm so glad you found your pen. It sounds like a real pen pal, always good to have around. You remind me of some of my own lost pen stories. Keep penning those stories!

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I'm so thankful I found one

I'm so thankful I found one of my lost pens--and thank you for penning your comments, Eva!   :) J

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Hope you read that NTY column about neatness ~

and creativity.  I'm of the messy = creative mind.  Besides, it's not messy, it's just organized non-linerally.

Glad you found you favorite pen.  Cheers

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I never thought of 

I never thought of  describing messy as "organized non-linerally"--describes it perfectly!  Good to hear from you, Michael and my bobble-headed pen bobs in agreement. . .:) J