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I never feel fully dressed until I put on my lipstick.  I can be wearing my comfy writing clothes or scruffy gardening clothes, but without my lipstick, I feel something is missing.

I guess it's a female thing. I can have a "bad hair" day which becomes catastrophic if I find myself out-and-about without wearing any lipstick.  There have been times when Hubby and I are rushing out the door and I abruptly halt yelling, "Wait, I have to put some lipstick on!" Being an understanding Hubby of some years, he merely rolls his eyes and waits patiently.

It probably doesn't make that big a difference since the shade I wear is pretty neutral, like a lip balm with a hint of colour.  When I feel more daring, the shade tends to be a peachy-pink or rose.

These days, the fashion trend seems to be red lips--not just a reddish shade but a genuine red red. And on many lips, it looks spectacular--just not on my lips. I don't like my lips so prominently red that it dominates my whole face. I want to look good but I don't want to look like a pair of lips charging forth to vacuum up whatever is in my path.

As you have probably surmised, all my lipsticks--in my backpack, fanny-pack, shoulder bag, and bathroom drawer--are used down to the base.  And I needed new replacements. With fashion trends being red lips, my lighter shades are as rare as dodo birds.

Have you ever noticed when you're on a specific mission to find that elusive whatever, little things can really be as annoying as Hades?  The "biggie" for me was the sight of Christmas decorations and someone humming Christmasy songs before the Thanksgiving and Halloween stuff had its day!  It just didn't feel right.

Thank goodness, I finally found my lipstick colours before I traumatized myself any further. I bought several because I'm convinced that it will take a major television show and/or major movie, set in an era that embraces peachy-pinks or rose-coloured lipsticks, before these shades make a massive return.

Okay--now I feel "dressed" and ready to face that Christmas music. . .