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Like the First Day of School

I feel like a Mom who is sending her child off to his first day of school.  Is his shoelaces tied?  Is he looking tidy?  Is he wearing the clean clothes we had picked out the night before?  Or, did he sneak his favourite tee-shirt out of the laundry hamper instead?  I imagine watching him swinging his lunch bag and walking confidently to his school a short block away. Once he leaves my doorstep, I have no control over what happens during his day away from home. I felt proud he had such self-assurance and independence.

Writers sending off their stories often feel like a parent, anxiously sending their child on a new adventure. We have no control over what happens to our manuscript or article once it leaves our hands. With e-mail and Internet, a lot can be accomplished until some Grinch puts a damper  on your important project which got sent instead to that bottomless pit of bits and bytes.  The same can be said of "snail mail," the pit-falls in the old-fashion method of sending/receiving mail.  Just my luck to have a postal strike, an airplane strike, a mail-carrier strike or the hijacking of a mail truck that carried my story in one of the stolen mailbags.  And, if the article or manuscript survived any of the harrowing attempts to sabotage their delivery, it could still be accidentally tossed out or shredded, delivered to the wrong editor or read by a junior staff person who hated the story from the beginning and returned it to the author with its standard rejection!  

With all these things supposedly happening, it's a wonder Writers still write. I guess we're a very consistently persistent, ever-hopeful and stubborn bunch who strongly believe, "We can write and one day, we'll be famous!"  We only have to find a Publisher who believes in us too.