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How's the Weather?

Have you ever notice that the weather can dominate any conversation, no matter where you happen to be? It must be a human trait that, come hell or high water, the first thing on the agenda is "How's the weather?"

My nineteen year old god-daughter and her best friend were off exploring Malaysia, Japan and Hong-Kong in early March. There was great excitement when we all received the email that they would be skyping us that evening. We hadn't heard a word from them since their safe arrival  at their Tokyo host's home three days before. Anxiously, we all counted the minutes 'til we could be connected. Naturally the first words from the parents lips on seeing their daughter was, "How's the weather?"

My friends do it too. Living in Quebec, winters there can be harsh and this past winter was no exception. The heavy snowfall was relentless. When we phoned to wish them a Happy Christmas, they had already suffered through daily shovelling or snow-blowing of 3 to 4 feet of snow. I was hoping they wouldn't ask about our weather because it had been mild with a bit of blue skies that day and the golfers were out enjoying their game. Sure enough, as soon as they heard our holiday greetings, they asked "How's the weather out your way?"

You can't escape it. Whoever you meet and wherever you go, weather is one of those safe topics that's generic and current. You don't need an university degree to discuss the daily weather. You only have to step outside, tip you head back and answer wisely. In the case of one of my elderly neighbours, the weather is dependent upon the degree of pain in her toes. If the pain spreads across her toes and along the soles of her feet, the weather is going to be a "killer."  And if the pain spreads to her ankles and knees as it did one winter, we had a snow storm that shut the city down! Thank goodness, that only happened once since I've known her.

But I've just discovered something really neat. If you check out the weather on:  http://theweathernetwork.com/weather/australia/new-south-wales/sydney for Sydney, Australia, you'll get the 14-day forecast. It's like reading the future because the Aussies are a day ahead of us.  How's the weather?  Well, at 9 a.m. Tuesday June 11, 2013, the temperature is 11 degrees C./52 degrees F., sunny with scattered clouds.

So, how's the weather in your neck of the woods?



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You hit the nail on the head,

You hit the nail on the head, Judee or the high pressure on the map! In Ireland we talk about the weather all the time. It is ridiculous really. Typical comments; 'not a bad day', 'supposed to clear in the afternoon', 'weather promised good next week', 'wasn't it lovely yesterday', 'a grand day', 'a soft day', 'a miserable day' or the best of all 't'is a day for the bed'!!! mx

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Oooh--I really like that last

Oooh--I really like that last comment. . .Right now, the comments we hear most on my street is "Is that your house for sale?" "Oh no, you're moving away?" and  "Was that a 'for sale' sign on your lawn one day and gone the next?" I think the weather has briefly fallen by the wayside and my impending move has taken over!   Ciao, J

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You're so right, Judee! The

You're so right, Judee! The weather does dominate our conversations in many cultures.

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Hi Katia--so nice to hear

Hi Katia--so nice to hear from you. I'm in the midst of the chaos of moving and am keeping my fingers crossed this will be the final move!  How much stuff can a person accumulate in 5-years? I'll post my answer soon!   J

PS: The weather here is a heat-wave, so far 32 degrees C.. . .


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Weather or not

Asking about the weather can be basic, but meaningful. I liked how you wrote about weather in a sincere way. Here it's cooling down after a major heat wave. I hope you are weathering your weather.

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We're still enjoying our

We're still enjoying our heat-wave and Victorians are still complaining--it's been too wet, too cold and now, it's too darn hot!

Hope you're having great weather in time for your July 4th. . . :) J