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Getting Older

Blame Steven Belanger's Red Room post of "Signs You're Gettin' Old," (March 21-2013) for setting me on the path of thinking about getting older. Note that I said older, not old.  There is a difference. Or maybe, I'm still in denial.

Reading Steven's list, I found myself mentally ticking off yes, yes and more yeses as I worked my way down the page.  It didn't help that other Red Roomers added their own bits to the list. I found myself ticking off  "yes" to those too.

Having reached another birthday in early January, I like to think of myself as ageless.  After all, Orientals have been known to have this gene that hides their true age.  Grandma had it and so does my Mom.  My two aunts, one 93 and the other 94 don't look their ages at all; neither do my cousins, so hopefully, that includes me as well.

The other day I looked around my fitness class--all of us were either retirees and/or grandmothers who were staying fit to keep up with the grandkids. None of us admitted to staying fit to ward off health problems like heart disease, diabetes or osteoporosis. The ladies in my class were all older than I and definitely more agile. There was nothing wrong with their memories as they named the exercise and remembered the name of the muscle it was suppose to benefit. Being the new kid in the class, I had the undivided attention of  everyone else as they had already taken the same class three times. This was good because it made the ladies feel good to show me the correct positions to "stretch and pull."  I felt I was keeping up quite comfortably even though I confused the ladies as I had the habit of moving in the opposite direction--if the exercise started with the left foot or left arm, I usually ended up doing it perfectly, but with the right foot and the right arm.  After the first two sessions, the ladies totally ignored me and knew not to follow me.  Mom assured me this was perfectly normal since she does the same thing in her yoga class.

I found out in my first class, my instructor was a "foodie." It didn't matter that we were all ready for lunch before our class even got started.  Ian would cheerfully remark as we were all concentrating on our stretches, "Oh boy, I have to tell you that we had the best darn buffet  last night at the "Flying Mongoose." If you  travel near the airport, hang a left and keep going on that road. This buffet has everything including the best dessert table ever."  As everyone's tummy rumbled discreetly, mine gave an enormous roar. I made a mental note to myself to avoid lunchtime fitness classes. Another time, we were doing our sit-ups and right in the midst of aiming for 15 of those suckers, Ian reminded us that "Cobb's Bakery" were now making the traditional hot-cross buns as well as the chocolate hot-cross buns. I made another mental note to myself to not only avoid lunch-time fitness classes but also "foodie" instructors.

Okay--back to getting older. I think if you're really old, you can get away with a lot of outrageous things. I remember Mrs. G, an elderly, hard-of-hearing neighbour with an extremely loud voice, who could say stuff that would have been considered tactless in a much younger person. Commenting on an outfit worn by the teenage grand-daughter of her best friend, Mrs. G trumpeted in her raspy voice, "Trisha shouldn't be allowed out of the house wearing such a trashy outfit!" The young lady cheerfully waved and yelled, "Thanks Mrs. G--that's what I wanted, to be noticed!"

I think the whole point of getting older is to gain some wisdom. I'm not sure what nuggets I've acquired over the years, but hopefully, it is all useful.  I'm not a "list" person so I'll just make a mental tab of stuff I can pass along to the grandkids. The 2-year old has already figured out some things from her "worldly" experiences.  The other day, she carefully lined up all her storybooks in the centre of the room. Carefully and patiently she opened the books and stood them in a straight line across the room; each book barely touching the opened book next to it. Then slowly backing away to the other end of the room, she suddenly ran on her stocking feet, across the wooden floor, skidded on her bottom and like a human bowling ball, knocked down the lineup of books. Laughing gleefully while doing her victory dance, she began to set up her storybooks again. Whatever she learned from this, she had a great time doing it.

As we get older, I want us to keep enjoying what we do and loving every minute of whatever it is that keeps our minds active and challenged. I'm convinced that as we all get older, we can only get better.


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Wisdom and positivity and

Wisdom and positivity and moving along, Judee. Great blog. mx

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Thanks, Mary--I'm constantly

Thanks, Mary--I'm constantly learning and hopefully moving along. As for the rest, I'm trusting it's there somewhere!

Happy Easter!     :) J

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So was my entry the

So was my entry the inspiration, or the curse?  I think people are only as old as they feel--though that was probably coined by somebody who was in denial about getting older.

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Actually, it was rather

Actually, it was rather inspiring. I think it started when I hummed some Olivia Newton-John and Beach Boys. As for being as old as one feels, darn tootin'--after all "age is only a number,"--right?  Thanks for stopping by--see what you started?  

Happy Easter, Steven!                           :) J

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Thanks Judee.  Sorry for the

Thanks Judee.  Sorry for the late response here--been sick with a nasty sinus infection lately, tired as heck.  Anyway, I hope you had a good holiday as well.

And, yes, look what I started!  That's what I do--I create the mayhem, then I back off and watch it happen.  :-)

Glad you liked the post.

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Hey, this was fun!  Do hope

Hey, this was fun!  Do hope you are gaining back your energy so you can create more mayhem!   :) J

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Life is too short

I have no plans to embrace old age or infirmity.  :-)

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That's a great attitude--good

That's a great attitude--good for you!  :)

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How awful that your exercise

How awful that your exercise instructors keep talking about food! I need absolutely no encouragement from others to think about my next meal, this would be torture for me.

I love the story about your grandaughter, what a sweet giggle she has!

Happy Easter!

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My youngest grand-daughter is

My youngest grand-daughter is such a kick--she is very creative, imaginative and entertaining. The others are too but I get such a charge out of this one!  As for my fitness guy, I've certainly discovered a number of great eateries that I never knew existed. 

Thank you Eva for looking in--and hope you had a fantastic Easter weekend.    :) J

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Hope you'll write about them!

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Any bakeries I should know about?

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As one "foodie" to another,

As one "foodie" to another, I'll start working on a new blog now--Victoria, BC is a fantastic city to eat and nibble your way across!    :) J

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Getting Older or Younger

I enjoyed your musings. A foodie instructor? I can just hear your stomach roaring. Your granddaughter sounds delightful. I'm sure she picked that up from you.


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Thanks Eva--her other sibs

Thanks Eva--her other sibs were fun too but this one is the most creative, imaginative and entertaining little kid who can spend an hour making stuff out of the tissue paper and fancy ribbons that wrapped her birthday prez. And when I'm lucky enough to wrestle her away from her other two grandma's, she's tons better than a workout at the gym. Wish I could  "bottle" that energy somehow. . Cheers, J.

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Thanks Jane--I'm smiling too!

Thanks Jane--I'm smiling too! Thanks for letting me know. . .

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Judee ~

Like others, I heard your roaring stomach and laughed, and witnessed the two year old's fun.  Excellent post.  Gave me a lot to think about as I drifted through the day. 

Cheers, M

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Enjoyed your post too--"I

Enjoyed your post as well--"I Agree with Jane" (March 31-2013)--great attitude and glad you like purple too!  Am also delighted that Steven, Jane and I inspired you. . .


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I've just started a yoga class at a facility that is right next to a huge retirement community. Not surprisingly, I'm one of the youngest in the class. This did not, however, mean that I'm anywhere near the 'top' of this class. Wow, these people are an inspiration! I did notice a lot of rumbling tummies in the final silent "relaxation" period. Some things unite us all...

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Hey,  "Rumblers" unite! 

Hey,  "Rumblers" unite!  Thanks for reading and commenting, Kate. . .I can't help smiling. . . :) J