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Crossing Over

Looking back, I realized how far I have travelled. Fifteen years of corporate life; I have a new world now to thank for it. There is so much truth to the adage "thrown in the deep end of the water"... on the one hand, our insticts will hate the fate and the other, is gratitude, and it all depends on where you put your eye.

It is never easy crossing over and leaving your comfort zone behind. It wracks your brain, your very core. You either sink or swim. And after much gulp of the proverbial water, you realise, your natural buoyancy will push you a bit effortlessly to the surface, and survive a little while longer. Enough to know, that surrender is not giving up- but embracing that you have to stop resisting. With my ear closer to my heart- my choices have become surer, more precise.

It is when I stopped resisting that I have achieved a bit of weightlessness. I started to shore- and before me were many. My life choices were not all good- but the bad brought me to the better and with a fresher perspective, a new lease, another set of borrowed time, I have started to build my brand new dream.