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Oct 2011

I have been writing and editing professionally since 1986 but wrote my first novel as a ghostwriter in 2004.  I graduated from NYU with a degree in Creative Writing. It took me seventeen years to get my degree which was great because when I first entered college Journalism was my only choice. Once I returned to complete what I'd started, I found that new degree choices were popping up and creative writing had emerged.

I authored my first novel, Secrets of my Soul, in 2006 as a test market edition and recently released a revised/2nd edition. My second novel, Miracle's Pain, the sequel, will be released in February and I have already conceptualized three additional books, including the final part of my sequel.

I stumbled upon Red Room and think it could help  an undiscovered self-published writer, such as I, who is basically a team of one. It's tough and I can't do it alone.

There's strength in numbers and no matter how talented you are (and unlike the tree in the forest that fell), just because you wrote it doesn't mean it made a sound.


JT Keitt




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