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Shuffling the Cards

I am obsessed with getting the best deal and lowest price on anything I purchase. Perhaps it’s in my New York City roots. When I was growing up, everyone knew that the best deals on back-to-school clothes were found on Delancey Street in the small, musty storefronts in which we found brand name clothing at deeply discounted prices. This was no-frills shopping. The storeowners were Hasidic Jewish men who wore grey suits with suspenders, white shirts and yarmulkes and who were always open to bargaining over the prices. We bought the same in-season clothes and accessories that were being sold uptown in the department stores for much more affordable prices. As a working class family member, looking for the best deal was instilled in my roots and still is.

My current obsession is a travel site that a friend recently recommended to me. I’ve set it so that it sends me email messages daily letting me know of the best price on a trip to Hawaii that I’m planning for the fall. I’ve thrown my abhorrence of daily email messages to the winds and am now eagerly scanning my inbox for airfare reports on a daily basis and even visiting the website and scanning for other possible flight combinations each night before bed. It’s like shuffling a card deck over and over. I don’t want to stop. I’m sure that part of this is excitement about the trip, but it is a little obsessive.