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Moving Right Along
Now on Kindle. In print October 2010.

June and July are gone, August is heading towards the double digits.  My novel is now on Kindle, and a friend made it her very first download on her new device.  Bless her, she put a review on Amazon.com!  

 I reconsidered the writing studio, since apparently I scared my Mom into changing her TV habits: now she uses the mute button to surf, and has purchased earphones to listen without letting the sound go through the condo walls.  If I DO need the "getaway," there are a million coffeeshops in my town.

I'm plugging away at the marketing, and am so very thankful for e-mail.  The promotional postcards are a hit -- everybody who sees one wants the book NOW.  That deserves a shout-out to my designer, radicalwebmedia.com.  Thank you, Vikram!

 And yes, I am writing the next one.  It is just one of several lying around in bits and files on my laptop and my desk, but it is the second of the Ross Lamos series, and the theme (what is "home"?) is of some urgency to me.

Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude arises every day.