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Bloomington, IN
Apr 2010

Fourth-generation Hoosier, but in love with the whole world, and trying to see as much of it as possible; just found a small independent publisher for my first novel;  two and a half decades as a freelance journalist and essayist; fifteen years learning screenwriting before realizing it was about the prose all along.


See Favorite Authors. Special attention must be paid to Harlan Ellison and Tom Robbins, as well as Mad magazine, Monty Python, the soundtrack music of Mission:Impossible, James Bond movies, the songs of Tom Lehrer, Laugh-In, and being born with a name I hated but had to wait nearly 30 years to change to one that is correct and perfect. Two years of Paratheatrical Laboratory work with Antero Alli (www.paratheatrical.com), which taught me how to actually experience what I am experiencing, know that I am experiencing it, take responsibility for the arising of that experience, and interact with others who are in the same state of awareness whether I know anything superficial about them or not. Buddhism, especially from the Tibetan Lineages. The Ganges River -- reaching it, standing in it, dipping myself three times in it.

Upcoming Works

Yu: A Ross Lamos Mystery (Open Books Press)

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Open Books Press (Pen and Publish)

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I whisper to my passions that are all material, and no matter how much I love them, they may be edited out in a future draft.  Movies, jazz, travel, Paris, Buddhism, multidimensional reality, Galactic citizenship, words, costume, architecture, theater, water, rocks, desert, culture and its hidden histories, silent movies, radio, conversation, food, coffee, chocolate, yoga, cats, books, design, crafts, the Pacific Northwest, ideas, synchronicity, laughter, fragrances, fabrics, Modernism, consciousness, dream, meditation, happiness.