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Optimist Blues

I dabble in Beat Poetry. It's my favourite, aside from Poe and Thomas Hardy, and I had written this one some years ago. So I present here:

Optimist Blues by Joslyn Corvis

The thought of Coffee started me awake.
                 Like the darkness enveloping my room.
A sudden thought-----The Coffee Shop!
                 To get my Coffee fix
I dress
         Black Shirt
         Black Skirt
         Black Shoes
The white of my socks tainting the black of my clothes
        Like powdered cream tainting the taste of
        Black Coffee
I pass my own building, the corner store, the Post Office, the thrift store. And the sky is . . . 
                With stars still sprinkled in the Black sky
                Glistening like the dim lights from my favourite booth shining into my cup of Coffee . . . 
                Which I like 
The taste grows stronger the closer I get, but when I am close enough I realise something.

        The Coffee Shop is closed.
                      I never liked Coffee much, anyway.

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Hi, Joslyn,

You create an entire environment with a minumum of words (mentioning the thrift store adds so much!) and you also throw in a humorous twist. Good job.


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LOL Funny you should mention the thrift store because I almost took that part out, but then I thought, it sorta created atmosphere :D
Thanks so much! :D