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NEW ALBUM! Review of OVERCOME by REX (I give it FIVE PENTAGRAMS!) by Joslyn Corvis


There is not a lot of new music that really grabs me.  The music industry seems to have been suffering for the last several years, at least in my opinion.  There is a widespread lack of talent because it has become all about the image.  All ya need is a terrible song with fun lyrics and a catchy melody that you can't shake no matter how hard you try, and before ya know it, BAM!  Everyone is brainwashed into thinking they like it!  Quality music is so hard to come by.

Back in the day, musicians took pride in their craft.  They were unique.  They inspired.  They had messages that were worth listening to.  They spoke to our emotions and voiced generations.  They stood for something.  And they were able to integrate all of those things in their music to create something supremely classic.  Just a few examples:  CCR.  Marilyn Manson.  Janis Joplin.  Elvis.  Nirvana.  Michael Jackson.  Judas Priest. Music wasn't just a product.  It was real.  It was raw.  What-you-see-is-what-you-get.

When my friend Rex asked me for some honest feedback on his album Overcome, I dissociated myself from the fact that he was a good friend and listened to it as a music lover.  I had no idea what to expect, but I really wanted to give him my honest opinion. (Click the link below if you wanna give it a listen.  The link is posted three times in this blog because I want to make sure it won't be overlooked.)


From the first time I listened to it, I was impressed!  I mean, I knew he had it in him, but I'd never actually heard him rap before!  In Latin, Rex means "King".  And I immediately became one of his Loyal Subjects.  Every time he would post a new song to the list, I would give it a listen the first chance I got!  I couldn't get enough!  After playing all the songs on the album to a point where I find myself singing along, I can safely say that Rex is among the greats in the music world.

One of the first things I noticed was that there was a lot of detail added to each song.  And could it be?  The words actually meant something.  I could relate to it!  Rex "makes sense" (listen to the beginning of "For The Tone" and you'll get exactly what I'm alluding to here).  The beats and and lyrics don't compete with each other; they compliment.  The lyrical flow is second-to-none.  It's smooth.  Very chill and laid back.  And then add those little extra details that Rex sprinkles in, that extra spice that tops it all off and you got a recipe for AWESOME!  And it takes true talent to know how to pull it off to where all of those things merge naturally.  Some artists try to force it all together like a puzzle piece in the wrong spot.  But with Rex, there isn't a single word or beat out of place.

The songs on Overcome are new and inventive.  And what I really love about this album is the versatility.  You can listen to this when you're just hanging out with friends, or when you're chillin' by yourself.  There are also some jams that you can put on while you're working out or cleaning the house.  Ever have a really bad day and need to hear from someone who understands?  Ever have an unmovable obstacle in your way, and you need someone to tell you to keep going, no matter what?  Maybe you just wanna get your groove going before a special date.  There's a song for every mood and any occasion.

"Claped Up" really gets the adrenaline pumping!  But I've fallen asleep to it as well because, while it is hardcore, it's got a very harmonious groove.  Same goes for "Own Game", which speaks to me on some level so I can totally relate, but it's also relaxing.  Actually I'd be hard-pressed to find someone who couldn't relate to "Own Game".  "For The Tone" starts off with a positive message, and one that I believe everyone should bear in mind.  I love the beat on "4 Walls".  "Call Me" and "Drippin Wet" are extremely sensual pieces.  "Real Dream" lifts me up when I start to feel down, so when I think to myself that I can't go any further, I play this song and I feel like everything is going to turn out just fine!  That is my favorite song on the album.  And I have to also mention "I'm From Another Planet".  It has shown me to embrace my alien side!  And after talking to Rex, I found out that "I'm From Another Planet" was about how he does things differently than other artists and producers, but he's still "crushin' these beats like croutons".  He may have his own way of doing things, but it seems to be working out just fine for him.  The message?  Don't let anyone tell you how to do something if it's working for you.  Sometimes different is better!

Rex's album Overcome is fresh.  It oozes raw energy.  It inspires.  Overcome integrates everything that makes an album not only good, but amazing!  It is everything that today's music desperately needs, and I think that those in the music industry need to take a long hard look at Rex's style (and he has plenty to go around!) to see how it's done.  Through his lyrics, he shows how to perceive boulders a mere speedbumps.  There is no obstacle too great to conquer in order to get what you want, as long as you put forth the effort.  If you have the desire, there is no such thing as "impossible".  Rex is hands-down one of the best artists out there.

As a Loyal Subject, I cannot wait until the CD is out.  In fact, I'm already waiting for the next CD!  I know that I'm not going to be disappointed.

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