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Wow! Read this!
In Publisher's Marketplace today, there was a blurb about Penguin UK meeting with British booksellers to broach the issue of a no-return policy on the publisher's backlist. It will be interesting to see if it succeeds in this policy. I remember that, back in the '90s, a U.S. pub house tried...
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Elephant in the Room
Even in good economic times, book sales only inch up, or stay stagnant. Revenue increases seem to be tied to jumps in the retail prices of books vs. new buyers, or readers purchasing more (or even more of the same). In England, publisher Hachette has thrown down the gauntlet in the hopes of...
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I read with interest the recent Wall Street Journal article on book trailers, and their effects on sales and visibility for authors and their books. The good news is that book trailers have come a long way since I first wrote about them on M.J. Rose's wonderful blog salon, Buzz, Balls and Hype,...
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Gas Pig
Below is a blog entry that my husband, Martin, posted back in April, in SingleMindedWomen.com, where he is the Money Channel editor. As the gas stations at the end of our block duel it out for the privilege of being the first on the street to reach $5 — here in SF, within a week, I think—his words...
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Below is Kevin Howell's blog entry in Publishers Weekly. Thank God Jackie Speirs has joined Congress. I'd like to present her, and Nancy Pelosi, with a petition,, signed by authors, to protect this much-needed program. If you agree, please add a comment, and your name, in the comment box for this...
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See the excitmetn in her eyes? That's because SHE'S READING
Today's MarketWatch article on the Borders stock conundrum has to give authors pause. The recession is already affecting us in numerous ways: - More people are buying their books online, which means Amazon. - With less discretionary income, people buy less books. - As the article points out,...
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Writers, FYI: Free internet access is at risk! Last night U.S. Representatives Ed Markey (D-Mass.) and Chip Pickering (R-Miss.) introduced a bill that would stop relentless corporate attempts to set up roadblocks on the information superhighway. It guarantees Net Neutrality by restoring it in the...
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