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  They like me. They really, really like me. I now know how Sally Field felt.  Writers have their own version of The Other 99 Percent. Concurrently, there is the 1 Percent, too: those authors who have been lucky enough have some pretty powerful -- and persistant -- fairy godfolk to help...
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Today, millions of children -- and adults -- will be honoroing their mothers in a variety of ways. Some moms will get a soggy French toast breakfast in bed and chow down on it with glee, because it's the thought that counts, not the lack of any golden brown crispness on two slices of yolk-drenched...
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The Baby Planner, by Josie Brown (Simon & Schuster)
Authoring a novel is somewhat like having a baby: there is a lot of precolating until it is born. When, finally, you shove it out into the world, all you can do is pray for the best that others love and care for it as much as you do. My latest novel, called THE BABY PLANNER, has just gotten a big...
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 While Googling myself (Hey, 'fess up! You do it, too!) I came up with this article, in LiveWires.com, dated April 3, 2009. In it, I was asked: "How do you see the world changing from a writer’s point of view?"  My answer is below. Do I still feel it hits the mark? Hell yeah. In a...
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I'm a big Apple Mac fan. Always have been-- Until now. This past year my travel schedule heavied up. I wasn't looking forward to hitting the road with my iBook laptop. (Walking through the streets of New York and Chicago with the strap of your computer bag dragging you down is not a great...
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Me, as Supreme Goddess of the Universe. I'm just sayin'...
I love my agent (Holly Root, that'd be U!) She gives as much as she gets: that means advice, both to clients and to any author willing to ask questions--and more importantly, to listen. Thank goodness for us writerly types, she's not the only agent willing to depart some important nuggets of...
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We all have our favorite authors. One of mine happens to be the British columnist, Allison Pearson, who, in 2002, wrote the penultimate way-we-everywomen-live-now novel, I Don't Know How She Does It.  If you haven't read it, well shame on you. It is a witty, subversive book in which the heroine,...
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I've been blessed in many ways. I do something for a living that I love--and sometimes it puts me in the company of some pretty fantastic people. This past week I spent time with four wonderful women. Although we'd never met face-to-face, two of them--Jane Smiley (Private Life) and Eileen Goudge...
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Secret Lives of Husbands and Wives
Read all about it! SECRET LIVES OF HUSBANDS AND WIVES is getting some great reviews: "If you like Desperate Housewives, then you'll fly through this gossipy novel full of Wisteria Lane-esque characters living in a suburban jungle. Lyssa Harper, a stay-at-home-mom living in California's...
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If the publishing industry is to survive, it has to promote it's products (books and authors) and its brands (imprints -- and again, authors).   That's the wave of the future. And the eBook -- the fastest growing distribution method in the publishing industry -- ia taking us there, at warp...
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Red Hot Reads
 Over the past month, Harlequin has discovered that a rose by any other name is not necessarily as sweet . . .   Particularly when it comes to opening a vanity press line.   When the romance publishing grand dame announced it is co-venturing with Author Solutions on an entity to to be marketed  to...
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Jane and Lizzy
I'll admit it: I hate bastardizing classics. Especially those of dead authors who can't defend themselves and their labors of love and hard work.   Lately Jane Austen has gotten the brunt of these types of sequels, mashups, whatever. Some of the authors take wonderful care to get it right:...
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The always-introspective Jane Friedman of Writer's Digest has come up with a column on "3 Sure-Fire Ways to Insult Someone in Publishing."  After you read what she writes, if you're published, you may wince if (like me) you recognize yourself in some of what she says. But then again,...
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One of the joys of belonging to my local chapter of Romance Writers of America - the San Francisco Chapter (major shout-out here) is because of some of the wonderful programs they pull together for published authors. (Of all ilk, really. Yo: mystery, thriller, commercial lit, and lit writers,...
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It's being published by Simon & Schuster. I'm thrilled, as you can imagine. Let's start with the fact that I'm enchanted with my editor, Megan McKeever. The excitement she and her team have for this project is an author's dream. And just think: this time next year, it will be on a bookstore...
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