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The Wonderful Lie (Part 1)

 I defeated Google. Therefore I win. Google was set up by smart people to make sure people like me never EVER break the internet. However I am now on the front page , at the bottom of the front page but on the front page. It makes me special…and not just  “Josh you get the blunt scissors” kind of special, although that is true also.

 I also proved a guy with a Phd AND a blog who said Generation X had no spokesman ,more importantly everyone has forgotten that  book by  Douglas Coupland  about Generation X. Seriously if it weren’t for Kurt Cobain and Nirvana this guy would have been voice of Generation X. He seems a nice enough guy but his book, it was terrible. This book made a generation  seem like a bunch of lazy idiots happy to waste our life away . But things were far more complicated than that,our childhood was marred by being forced to learn about a mysterious new killer disease called AIDS which ws a living death sentence, and immeninet nuclear holocausts and two recessions (and this was before we finished high school!) Just about the only good thing we had was doing nothing.We did that quite well and rarely got the praise for not breeaking an already very broken world.

Actually it was his book and having to read a badly photocopied article about him in class that motivated me to become a writer. I thought “Well if someone can make money writing that, imagine how much money I can make” and to this very day I am still imagining.

But I love writing , specifically a mix between philosophy and fiction. I can write a lot about it because all I do is think “Ah this is the moral I want to talk about” and then give build a story around it and if I am lucky , and I sometimes I am, I can build my story I want to explain about something that really happened. And in the end , despite it being good enough to be on google’s front page , I am still not a real writer.

I can’t tell the beautiful lies of a fiction writer, I can’t create buildings out of steeples and dreams like my friends who can write poetry, I can’t even write non-fiction, even something as simple as a fascinating  personal history of chopsticks (Really, if you haven't read it , you should) eludes me.

For me the art of story telling  is something that has been lost. We are more concerned about the going on of the authors that we forget the story. Sometimes even the author forgets they are not the story, even when they are.


Joshua Keidan is the Unofficial Official Spokesman for Generation X. Somehow we should feel safer because of that and oddly we do. He is a giant cuddly security blanket of wholesome goodness.