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   (Note from the author: I wrote a fantastic blog about freedom of speech. I read it to allthe living desecendents of the founding fathers of the United States and they wept. Possibly out of boredom but I would like to think it was because it really hit the true meaning of freedom of speech. It was nominated for 1829 Nobel Prize it was THAT good. However due to wide reach of the internet I decided to internet I needed to edit it. I did not want to fall foul of left wingers who thought it could be considered insensitive to the five toed sloths and I had to cut the good bits about the witch hunting in the south because the right wingers were offended by the excessive imagery of witches,several naughty words and the repeted use of vowels. I then had to edit it more so not to get in trouble with foreign governments who might deem my metaphor of " a drunk willow tree mercilessly chasing a long nosed land shark" as some sort of reference to domestic situations in their countries. I took out the complementary parts about the  New York Yankees because , well, those were lies. So here is what  remains of the greatest blog that you will ever read at this moment.)




(author's note: thank you for reading my blog. I succeeding in offending  no one. Who says censorship has no place in modern society)

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Non blog

This is like going to an empty cupboard and finding a half bottle of Jack sitting there all by its lonesome self. Cheers!

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May I see the original unedited version, please?
After all, it's been almost 200 years.
We should read it and discuss what went wrong.
Maybe, I can help.

By the way, I have a scroll that shows a poem of a few lines on the right hand side, the rest is blank space, and a tiny red stamp on the bottom left. It's a Zen scroll. This blog post gives similar quality, but in a Generation X way.

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Thanks Keiko,
I think you got the idea of what I was trying to do. It was actually just supposed to be a blank space . I guess art and writing don't mix.
I tried to think why we have freedom of speech and why people are aganst it. I cane up with that people are legimately or for "other reasons" offended by want was written. That is why censorship occurs and why we lose freedom of speech.
Sigh represantational and and writing just don't mix...oh well it won't stop me from trying again.
ps what was the name of the zen scrool, I would be very curious how it was done.

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scrolls or school


At first, I thought you asked about the name of schools. I don't know what kind of names, but maybe it had a title for the poem which I forgot. It was written by a monk of daitokuji in brushstrokes. I forgot the poem, but it was something to indicate the space as snow.

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don't worry

Heheh I just wanted to see how this idea was done successfully. However I will keep an eye out for it. I just need to remember "Don't mix art and writing don't mix art and writing" haha

ps I did mean scroll....I was terribly jet lagged and that didn't help my already less than stellar spelling

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But writing is an art. I

But writing is an art. I think languages are arts also. Japanese sentences are visual.