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Seattle Zen (Part 1)

Seattle is cool. Mamash cool. It isn’t possible to get cooler.

There is something about the air and the nature and trees and the coffee that really brings out the good.


When we talk about good we are talking fantastically good weird people.


I  was sitting in a Starbucks . I was listening to this man and this woman talk. They were banker types. Really important banker types. Okay maybe not really important , but at least middle important. The man turns to the woman and asks “So what is your alter-ego?”


Really? Really? At nine  forty-five in the morning and you are asking about her alter ego. You are awesome. That was cool.

The end at the start   <--this is a video about me pondering about the whole Seattle experiance.

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Joshua Keidan is the Unofficial Official Spokesman of Generation X. He talks to himself  when he writes. People at the coffee house stare at him and think he is weird. He is weird, but not for that reason.