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Is "too much technology in reading" possible?

I am a sucker for technology. The more hyphens  and the more new words in it the better. My latest idea, an attempt to resurrect the serial style of writing has been modified. I am now in the process of adding video to each story. Why? For me it is a chance to interact with the readers more. My writing is terribly strange so for those who need an explanation of the idea behind the serial or a specific story can have it straight from me.

Do I run the risk of being more of the center of attention than my story? Yes, but that is not a bad thing and it is the reason I right. No, that is not true. The truth is I don’t know what the effect will be. If it works then it will be really cool and I will do it more often and if it fails then it gets deleted.

What is exciting about these strange days (or is it daze?) that we are in as writers is that we are being empowered in new ways every day. The fundamentals of publishing, selling, and packaging of materials we write are in our control more now than ever. Can’t find a traditional way to publish? There are now nearly an infinite (plus or minus five) ways to get it published and sold.

Will the Kindle, self publishing and the ninety-nine cent price point destroy the art of storytelling?  I doubt it. Story telling survives despite the economic models used to sell it not because of it. For people like me who are not interested in making money and are writing because I think “Hey I have a cool story come and listen to it”  things like this are a real boon (of course if I find some way to make money of it I would not complain…not one bit).

Let the debate go one…I would love to hear your opinion? Is there too much technology in reading? Is having video log attached to each story going to be “sensory overload to the reader” ?  Who are we writers writing for if not ourselves? Will Josh ever stop asking questions?