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Double Bassets

We have just recently added a new member to our family. Her name is Jessi, and like Waylon is a basset hound. What I have witnessed so far has been incredible. People who have failed to ever truly love an animal may have failed to ever make the connection between us and them. Jessi was adopted from a shelter after being abandoned by her family. She has shown what I would consider to be very appropriate emotions. She is eager to be loved, slow to adjust, and unable to fully commit her trust. After time her sad memories will be replaced by happier ones and the adjustment will be complete. The point is that she is feeling the same emotions that a human would feel under such circumstances.

Waylon, on the other hand, is definitely showing emotions of jealousy. Just as older siblings are known to react to a new baby, he has developed a need for extra attention. He has been in my lap more in these past weeks than he has been in the last two years. He also has exhibited some cute, passive-aggressive behaviors such as drinking a completely unnecessary amount of water at one time because he knows Jessi is waiting behind him for her turn.

We got them a twin sized bed, low to the floor, after two weeks of awkward sleeping positions. Every night they sleep on their bed they get closer and closer. Eventually they will be in love and cuddling the way we originally pictured it.