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Two Fables

                         The Mice.

 A mice run out of the field as fast tiny legs would carry him, not far behind was farmer with his tractor. He glance round to see if noise of wheels were ready crush him. He weaver in and out of golden wheat, at sway in the summer breeze, he came sudden stop and realize that the crunch noise was gone. Brown fur was wet from he sweat, his body was trying catch it breathe and wait for noise to beginning again.

The little field mouse passes out from exhausted from heat and having run for hes life. The night came with it torch shining bright, the beam woke up little creature, his stomach rumbling for supper, he look round of some wheat which being knock out of it stem and he see some few yards way so gingerly decide to go for it.He gentle, quite play hide and seek with the torch in the sky. He nearly here, he can see his supper in the distance and all his attention is focus on the golden straws. When out of no where Owl has appear in the night sky, the Owl open his paws, reaching out and stoop the mouse up.                        

                                                The Wildcat.

  A wildcat parade itself in her fur for all to see, waiting the queen bee to release her captives. Marvel as her skin at shook the warm ocean blue. Slips as it gentle kisses her skin as it go by. The bees came to her aid and as she thrusted her chest. The sound become so intense that the wind runs past them all. The wildcat give roar of willing to allowing them strip her bare.

Enchanting glance of excitement began to fill her breath. Slowly the bees pick out the stitch's from her costume. The layers of garments fell apart as the gust wind and blew them away. The wildcat stood naked as her flesh set blaze with bees as well.

  Copyright (C) 2011, Zoolane