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Little Boy Lost.

Little Boy Lost.

A small boy wander around lost. Hes country has being torn to shreds by the war. He homeland has come rumble and crates in the earth. Nothing was stand whole. The people were scavenge round for any bit food. Some were wish that they hadn't being wash brain by Hitler. The devil himself in human form.

He think that he in area where he used live. The boy recognizes a street name amongst the fallen buildings'. He called out in native language for any of hes family to come forward. No one come forward to claim the little boy. The little boy's boots have no laces in them. Hes feet are sore, blister and weep inside the damp leather. The trousers are for a taller boy. They have being roller up so he has not trip over him. The shirt is suppose being white but off grey colour and cover grime. Hes hair has just started to grow back with dark shade of brown.

The place has being invade again by the 'Third Reich'. The streets are desert by the so called normal people. They marched through the town square. They look worn out and brave at same time. Behind them is a car with different soldiers in. It the British army who has save the world but it come to late for most of europe.

The little boy look down at hes forearm. Pull back hes sleeve to reveal what Nazis had gave him. The number was 5 digit long and it green ink. The Nazis in their generous nature gave him and other like him. Life with no family or a home to going back to. The night are worst for him. When he manage to fell sleep. All hes see is the cold iron gates and oven block with smoke come out the top. People being lead into showers and not come back. The memories of hell will stay with him until the day he dies.