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                      The First Daughter.

A child stands alone in the corner, weeping quietly at first. But get loud just make sure at whole world know she there. The world just stare straight pass her. Sure must bring this on herself? 4 foot young person with medium blonde hair in mess from just get up out of bed, but look kind of smart with cow, pink pj's. And leopard print, pink dress gown with cow slippers from her favor aunt. All this in space half an hour get out of bed. Final she allow leave corner. She determined to say her piece. They listen to her. She still understands why she got trouble the first. She storm off locked herself in bathroom and wails starting again.

She has low self-esteem, she has lots abilities and yet shyness holds back from these tasks. Everyone know that she able to doing them with bit preserve and confident in herself. She happy, cheered young girl and bright with her own personality. I am very proud of her, love her dearly but sometime she drives me insane.

                    The Second Daughter.

She whispers in dark of her bedroom, underneath the cover she whispers I am older enough, I know I am why do they not understand? Really deep down she knows the reality at she is not older enough to do as she please. Thirteen is between of being become younger lady but she still has way to go before she gets there. Just because friends have more freedom or stay late on weekday, she think she should allow.

This young lady is independent, has own ideas which good, brain is on go all time. She working hard at school but get distracts. Her ocean blue eyes looking through the glasses that she wear thick black liquid on her eyes lashes but distort their beautiful appearance. Her young slender body is just right for her statue and her layers golden brown hair settle on her shoulders which she sit her ponder what to do next.

                     The  Third Daughter.

She sits on her bed with smallest tear trickling down her cheek and hugs her tigger tight as possible. Wish her sisters with be nice and play with her. Why they are being horrible to her? After while she composes herself decide maybe her best mummy in world would like some help. Her mummy is tried watch television. She slips her under the covers. Cuddle her mummy and watched ‘Ice Road Trucks’. Gentle her eyes close as she drift off to sleep. Next to her best friend and tigger.

She fired temper, with bags of confidence and will tried anything. She funny little personality all of three an half feet with big smile and hug ever.                             


                                            The End.


Copyright (C) 2011, Zoolane