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Red Room?

The reason that why I join the Red Room .Com is that I like writing about things happen to me in past and present. Sometime I have one idea for poem or flash fiction or short story, must of the time it develop into something total different. Also find myself typing about stuff that clogged up in my brain, and turn into thoughts into words. Most of time sound right and flow well. OK then to me does.

I think I will never be author like the authors on  here but maybe I can pick some tips on now improve my writing or style actual any feed back would be great. My writing in unique so I've be told and suppose I would like think so. But reality is more one person with unusual way of writing.   Has I mention my grammar is bad but I do try to remember how it use. I have readied the ' The Element Of Style' and also had help with college last while resit English GCSE. I have some grasp of it but most of it just is in my brain or memory. So please bear with me.


I hope the members or authors will enjoyed what I post on this site. I am not in UN, or high educate which I would love to be. So I might has being under achieve or uneducated person because maybe not be able give long and great answer or comments.