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The Boy in the Green Dungarees Part 2
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Wednesday, 10 April, 2013


It’s been a few days since I wrote last and a lot has happened, in my life. On Friday, I woke up and found that I had somehow been changed into a dog. A Golden Retriever, as a matter of fact. Since then, my life has taken an unexpected turn, as if becoming a dog isn’t traumatic enough.


I feel compelled to chronicle the last few days, while I can still hold a pencil in my mouth and type on my laptop. It is getting increasingly more difficult to form thoughts as a human being as my mysterious transformation is becoming more complete and my thoughts are becoming more canine in nature.


For posterity, I want to thank my parents for naming me Dean Cussler Means after two of my father’s favorite writers, Dean Koontz and Clive Cussler. I also would like to thank Dean Koontz and Clive Cussler for providing my 9 year mind with such incredible stories that challenged my reading abilities and took me on many wonderful and intense journeys.


Saturday was an interesting day as my brothers and sisters all came in and wanted to know where I was. Of course that launched everyone into the whole story while I would sit there and calmly listen. My brothers and sisters seemed to understand, but my nieces and nephews had to ask me to do a myriad of tricks to prove that I understood them. But it was all done amongst family and everyone was good natured about my predicament.


After everyone was there, the younger ones soon lost their fascination in me and gravitated to the living room to watch cartoons.  The adults seemed to prove the hangers-on as they persisted in trying to come up with a reason why I had changed into a dog and how they could get me changed back. Several ideas were brought up, from psychics to witch doctors. I hated to be the object of everyone’s conversation. It is one thing to imagine that everyone is talking about you, and yet another to KNOW that they are talking about you.


Eventually I got tired and laid down by the fireplace, behind the younger children in the living room and took a long nap. Everyone seemed to calm down and their conversations returned to normal, until dinner. The whole crew was gathered around the table and seated. I looked on expectantly, but knew that I could not eat at the table as my new body would make too much of a mess, so I insisted that I be fed on the floor, where a small mess was easier to clean up.


Nothing eventful happened that night and everyone eventually went to bed, with talk about the Easter Egg Hunt at the fairgrounds tomorrow and the wonderful dinner mom and my sisters were planning Easter night. Mom had let me sleep in my own bed, even though Honey, Archie and Rags protested quietly. Thomas came up on the bed, after everyone was asleep and checked me out. He seemed to know who I was and didn’t make much of a fuss over me, besides a cursory sniffing, and laid down beside me for our big sleep.


In the morning, everyone was excited as we had breakfast then loaded into cars and vans to go over to the fairgrounds for the Easter Egg Hunt. On the way, I pressed the button to slide the window down and stuck my head out into the wind. What an incredible medley of scents blew past with the rush of wind! My ears were flapping back against my head and my tongue lolled. My fur blew in the wind and it was wonderful! But the smells that wafted in through the window were the best. I was in heaven throughout the ride.


My mind raced at the different odors that attacked my senses as we drove along. With the part of my brain that was now canine, I could actually see pictures of the places we drove past. With a heightened sense of smell, the whiffs of different things actually connected to the places we were driving past. I knew when we had left the country, with its smell of grass, and cows and the myriad of flowering plants. The odor of the city has a different smell and flavor. Wood from the houses was stronger, the odor of tar from the shingles and the feel of more people concentrated into a more compact area. I could tell there were more people around me from their different smells and I felt the press of their auras on mine.


Dogs have always been thought to have a sense about people and they do. I can tell you first hand that each person has colors that emanate from them. As a brother of the pooch society, I can see them quite clearly. It looks like a mist of several layers that originate inside the body of each individual and extend beyond their physical form a few inches to a few feet, depending on the type of person they are and their mood. These emanations depict the person’s true natures and feelings. I have connected them to my own family, while watching them and knowing their true characters, it made perfect sense when seeing the colors that swirl within and around their bodies.


Watching the gathering crowd and taking in the scents of the food stalls at the fairgrounds, I am excited and begin to whine slightly as we park the car. Honey, Archie, Rags and I are jumping up and down on the back seat as mom and dad, open the door and let us out. Immediately, we run from the car and surround the children as they get out of the other vehicles on the grass parking lot.


It is a warm day and I am panting to cool down. My brother Paul has brought a few bowls and some water and ‘The Pack’ gather around as we drink heavily from the bowls. The water is cool and refreshing and we are soon cooled down enough to explore the surroundings and play with the kids. I run after Kimberley and Brodie as they trot towards the entrance to the fairgrounds, ready to hunt for Easter eggs. Honey is right beside me and Archie and Rags follow slowly behind, hanging with mom and dad. Michael runs up and snatches Rags and jogs off to catch up with the other kids.


The Easter egg hunt doesn’t begin for another hour, but the food stalls are open and doing a good business. As we enter the gate, the girls head straight for a waffle stand and begin begging for a waffle. Honey and I are both panting and smiling as we know that they won’t get through half their treat, before we will have to help them. Sure enough, Brodie is handing me a piece before she even has a chance to take a bite, Here you go DC,” she says, looking around to see that no one else is looking.


We decided on Saturday that it would be best to call me ‘DC’ rather than my name, Dean Cussler, as we have many friends that will be here today, and it would be awkward enough to explain why I wasn’t there and answering questions about their new dog. I spot mom and dad at another food stall paying for something that Chloe, Kelsey, and Lisa want. I see Michael, Paul, Erin, Lara, and Steven at another stall, buying coffee and other things as I follow Kimberley and Brodie around the fairgrounds.


In the field where the Easter egg hunt is going to take place, there are bales of hay, straw and other things laid out to secret the eggs and make it more challenging for the children to find them. Around the perimeter are the stalls and beyond that the parking lots filled with vehicles. There is an excitement in the air as families pour into the grounds and kids are yelling and screaming and generally having fun.


I hear Michael calling Kimberley and turn to see where he is at. She can’t hear him and I move around to get her attention. When I look back toward her and Brodie, I see a man holding their hands and walking them toward the car park. Around him is a dark cloud of an aura and the scent of him make the hairs on my back bristle. They are saying something to him and trying to pull away, but he has them held fast and is walking them hurriedly toward a van.


Knowing in an instant, that he is abducting them, I spin around and run as fast as I can toward them. He has the door open and shoves them inside. I am close and barking loudly. Honey hears me and senses the urgency and the danger. She catches up with me and together we close the distance to the van. The man slams the van door and opens the driver side door. We are almost upon him as he slips into the seat. I grab his pants leg and honey leaps on him, her jaws snapping at his face. He pushes her hard and she falls out of the van and on top of me. I hold tightly as he jerks his leg free with a tearing sound as the pants leg comes apart. Honey and I both get up and renew our attack, but the stranger is too fast and quickly slams the door.


I try to open the side door of the van to let Kimberley and Brodie out, but the engine roars to life and the wheels begin to roll. Honey and I both race after the van, barking the alert as we go. Archie begins chasing after us and Rags manages to wriggle out of Michael’s hands and join the chase.


Everyone is now turned to see what the commotion is and people begin to follow ‘The Pack’ with their eyes, as we chase the van through the parking lot toward the entrance of the fairgrounds, yet no one seems to be doing anything to stop it. Seeing the route the van has to take to the entrance, I see where it will have to turn to go down another lane and then again at the end. I take the straight path and try to head him off before he gets out the entrance and away from the area.


Honey, Archie, Rags and several other dogs begin following me as we close on the entrance of the fairgrounds. Soon, we are near the gate and see other cars lined up to pay the parking fee. Headlong we run into the opening, hoping to cause enough confusion to stop the van. But the driver keeps coming. Slowly, he pushes through the pack of dogs and the other cars and eventually reaches the road. I throw myself at the driver’s door, snarling at the driver. Honey does the same thing as we try to get inside the van and stop him from leaving the park with Brodie and Kimberley.


Paying no attention, he moves slowly onto the road. Other of the newly formed pack jump the fence, and pour out of the gate, in an ever growing gang of canines that spill onto the road and crowd around the van. One of the police officers there on duty, comes running out as the van is forced to stop.


Surrounded by howling dogs, the man stays inside the van, trying to edge free of the pack of dogs that surround him. I jump up repeatedly, pawing at the door handle and eventually manage to get the side door opened. Kimberley and Brodie launch themselves out of the vehicle, before the man inside can do anything and is quickly surrounded by me, Honey and a dozen other dogs.


Soon, the officer has the man in custody and my nieces are back together with our family. It was a decidedly eventful day, but ended well. We had great fun, hunting Easter eggs and Brodie won, as she had Honey and me helping smell out the scent of the people that placed the eggs and the smell of the egg coloring.


As afternoon came, we all packed into the cars and headed back to our house, where I am putting this down in my journal. It has been a thrilling day, but worrisome at the same time as I am beginning to feel more in tuned with my new body and the mental functions are becoming more and more canine. I am finding it easier to apply my senses to my canine thoughts, than to my human ones. Human words are becoming harder to form in my mind. I am afraid that after three days in this body, the transformation is continuing.


Whatever caused me to change from a 9 year old boy into a Golden retriever is ongoing. I just pray that it is not permanent and that someday soon, I will change back.