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The dark gray Dalek sat broodingly near the half opened door of the balcony, the blue light peeking through the grill inside its shell, beckoning the creatures of the desert. For long months it kept its vigil, waiting for the day when the heat of the Dubai summer would pass and the cool nights of winter when, once again the door to be opened, allowing the night breeze to draw its victims within reach. The Dalek’s lust for death was measured by the tray beneath the light within its deadly shell. The light drawing its prey to the deadly voltage surging through the grid, killing them instantly with a loud audible, “ZIIITTT!” the dead body falling into the tray at the bottom, for disposal later.

Honey, Archie, and Rags, our three dogs had seen the Dalek, every day, sitting silently by the door. They became used to the gray plastic object with the blue light. It blended into the everyday items of the villa and they paid it no attention… Until the day it attacked.

It was 3:30 a.m. and I was taking a shower, getting ready for my drive to Abu Dhabi and work, when the attack came. The night was breezy and along with the light wind, came the cloud of mosquitoes.


Their ears twitched at the sudden, unexpected noise and all three heads bounced up from their beds and looked in the direction of the Dalek. Archie rose from his bed and walked over to the balcony door and looked out as Honey and Rags watched on.

“ZAP!” the Dalek collected a larger mosquito. Archie jumped back and began staring at the Dalek as Honey and Rags gathered around the creature with the deep blue light. They surrounded it and stared, not knowing what was happening. Waiting…

Archie barked once at it. It sat there silently, its blue light glowing unwaveringly. A small puff of air urged a small swarm of mosquitoes through the open door and the Dalek attacked. “ZIT!” “ZAP” “ZAP!” Again and again it zapped the tiny bodies. The Dalek was on a killing spree and the dogs watched for second at the little sparkling flashes of light, the loud zapping sounds, and the accompanying puffs of smoke.

Within a second, they realized the intent of the Dalek, Death!. With this awareness, they became afraid and ran to the shower, where I was bathing and tried to climb into the bathtub with me. I heard my wife, Rose, laughing in the bedroom and calling to me. I looked out of the shower curtain and there were three trembling dogs.

I heard the Dalek dealing its death and understood instantly. They understood that despite the months of inactivity, the Dalek was alive…..biding its time.