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RAGS - The Regent of the Agricultural Garden Society

Rags was in the dispensary receiving his third medal after getting his yearly rabies injection. His Intergalactic Passport was stamped and he headed out to meet his friends in the Forward Lounge. As he was leaving, the two small female Yorkshire Terriers reminded him that his medal was to prove that he had been shot.

“In the line of duty,” one of them said as he was walking out the door.

He smiled to himself as he walked down the companion way. Everyone aboard was proud of their medals and chose to wear them on their blazers as a status of their length of service. He had three, which means that he had been aboard ship for three years.

He proudly walked to the forward lounge to show his friends, Lee and Miss D. They met there at least once a week, while onboard to chat and sometimes to discuss their adventure on the Pegasus Planet. During the past few years, they had each remembered things that they shared with the others.

Lee remembered that he would marry a pretty German Sheppard named Pam, and they would have a beautiful litter. His favorite would be his daughter, Sophia. In this dream, he remembered that his friends were with him and that this was one of the places and times that Emma (Pegasus) had taken them.

Miss D also had some vivid dreams and relayed them to her friends at their weekly meeting. One that she and Rags shared was Appleopolis. They both saw Rags working on Appleopolis as a guide. He wore his ship’s blazer and on it were his three medals.

They knew this was an event Emma had taken them to, that it was a future time and place that would eventually come true. Miss D later checked the ship’s schedule and found out that they were going to Appleopolis soon and asked Rags to check out for job openings. Rags used the ship’s computer to check on the planet and found out that there was actually an opening for a guide on Appleopolis. It was a year-long contract, and he promptly applied for the position.

Today was an exciting one as Rags had completed his third year aboard ship, by receiving his shot. He had received confirmation of his new job appointment: Regent of the Agricultural Garden Society (R.A.G.S) which Miss D and Lee howled about. “Well,” chuckled Lee, “It looks like Appleopolis also likes the name Rags better that Abernathy.”

They had a great meeting today, even though it was bitter sweet as they would be parting ways after being together for three years. They had become close friends and loved each other dearly. It was a sad meeting today as they knew it would be the last time they would be together for a long time.

“I had a great dream last night,” Lee whispered. “I saw Rags on a planet with blue mountains. There were blue winged people there and they looked like angels. In the dream, I saw and felt many things, but most of all I remember that you were not in the dream till the end.”

“It sounds like a lovely planet,” said Miss D.

“What was I doing there?” questioned Rags.

“I am not sure,” Lee continued, “But there seemed to be a lot of people searching for something. There was a young girl there with a brown Collie, named ‘Honey.’ They were flying with the angel people and looking for something. Anyway, near the end, you appeared, riding Pegasus and helped save a young human girl in a wheel chair.”

“Our very own hero,” beamed Miss D.

“It looks that way,” said Lee. “Wait a minute! The young earthling Girl’s name was ‘MILLIE’, I wonder if she is the future princess that the ship is named after?”

“You know,” Rags said, “when I first began my service, Pete told me that the ‘Princess Millie’ was named after a princess from the future. I told him that he was crazy. How could anyone know what was in the future? Now we know that time is a relevant thing. Emma explained it very well when she explained the ‘Between’ and later took us to many places and times.”

“Yes,” Miss D said in her excited manner, that she used when she made a discovery, “It all adds up. Don’t you see, we are not the only ones that know about time and the fact that, in reality, there is no time. There just IS. Like one long day on which you can travel forward and backward. We have proven that by the memories of times that we traveled the Between with Pegasus.”

“There are no coincidences in the universe,” Said Lee, “so there must be a connection to Millie and Honey and this ship.”

 “It was a wonderful day when we met Emma,” Rags said, “as it has connected a lot of things. I now have a job as a guide on Appleopolis, I will help in a rescue, and I will meet a future princess.”

“And it is official, stated Miss D, “your name is Rags!”

They all laughed at that and they talked for an hour about all the places they have been and all the things they have done together. It had been a full 3 years with many trips to different planets, loading and unloading cargo, meeting new people, and having different adventures.

During the day, many friends came to the forward lounge to say goodbye to Rags. Some were tearful at his leaving. It was an emotional time for everyone.

In due time, a yellow light flashed several times and a horn was heard throughout the ship. Over the intercom came the voice of Pete, the Senior Master Chief of the ship, “ATTENTION! ATTENTION! ATTENTION! LADIES AND GENTLEMEN OF, ‘THE PRINCESS MILLIE,’ PLEASE MAKE READY FOR LANDFALL ON APPLEOPOLIS.”