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Promoting Your Books on a Website

So you want to promote your books on your website but aren't sure how.  Here are some ideas.
If you haven't published your novel yet, you will start with a Future Works page.  If you have blurbs, include them here.  Also consider making a placeholder graphic or picture for your cover.  You can always change this later when your cover is finalized.  You also might want to include an exerpt to wet your readers' appetite--check with your publisher first, though.

Once you've published one or more books, you will also want a Published Works page with links to your library.  Create a separate page for each book and include your blurbs, cover graphic, and an excerpt.  If you have reviews and awards, don't forget to include them.  You could even create videos or trailers for your book and imbed them in the web page.  You should also consider including the ISBN, publisher, and release date for each of your published books.  Make sure you include links to places like Amazon.com, online bookstores, and any other place where readers can purchase your book.
Setting up a Book Page on Your Website [AuthorMBA Blog]

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