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Following up on Query Letters

In my post about agent response time to query letters, I stated that it generally takes an agent two to three months to respond to a query letter. I also said that you should wait four months before following up if you haven't received a reply.

Allow me to expound.

Before you decide to follow-up, first check the agent's website. Some specifically state that they do not respond to email queries. If that is the case, there's no point in a follow-up email. Consider yourself rejected.

While two to three months is a good guideline, you should always check the agent's website. Some specifically state how long they take to respond to queries. Tack a week or two onto their standard response time, and send your follow-up email on that date.

When in doubt, check the agent's website. Seems like I'm saying that a lot, huh? Step 1: Read directions. Step 2: Follow instructions. Step 3: Profit. You'd be surprised how many people skip steps one and two and wonder why they never get to step three.

Oh, and when you follow-up, don't ever say that it will be your final email. Ultimatums are just tacky.

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