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In becoming Poet Laureate...

In becoming a Poet Laureate, I would want to represent my great State of Maine.

Over last twenty years, I've had the opportunities to work outside the state borders. In doing so, I have met many people who seem to have a misguided view of what Maine is all about. My homestate is not a northern territory of just uneducated rednecks - although some pockets of resistance still exist. We all do not have bear, deer and other wildlife camped outside the backdoor and front porch. We've had electricity, running water and indoor plumbing for decades. We have schools, colleges and lots of bright, educated people. Despite an extended winter from time to time, it is one of the safest places to live within the continental United States.

A large portion of my mission statement as a P.L. is a simple one: to educate others, while helping them to understand what they are passionate about; in today's difficult economy, writers have the ability to tap into a global economy by writing poetry. Creativity will NEVER go out of style. For me, writing poetry transcends just a collection of poems. It represents intellectual material that can be transformed into other products. For example, what is a song? At its simplest definition, it is poetry accompanied by a tune. SO regardless of misconception, poetry will always have an established place in society. And I dare anyone to prove me wrong!

Joe Breunig, author/poet, Reaching Towards His Unbounded Glory