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Iluko Lesson 4

A new friend asks you “Taga ano ka?” (From where are you?). How would you answer in Iluko? Well, you may simply state your place or the following: 

  1. Taga Laoag-ak. (I’m from Laoag.)
  2. Taga Cebu-ak. (I’m from Cebu)
  3.  Agnaedak idiay Laoag. (I live in/there in Laoag)
  4. Agnaedak ditoy Cebu. (I live here in Cebu)
  5. Agyanak idiay Laoag. (I’m staying in/there in Laoag)
  6. Agyanak ditoy Cebu. (I’m staying here in Cebu) 


Taga             -     From 

Agnaed         -    Live

 Agyan           -   Live/Stay 

Idiay              -   In/There 

Ditoy             -    Here