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Educators in Hong Kong

Thirty-two school directors of AMA College, ACLA and ABE in the whole Philippines successfully hit their school quota and maintained quality performance. One of them is my sister, Imee Jessica Nicolas, school director for Laoag campus.

As a part of their incentive, they were given a free trip to Hong Kong. They enjoyably toured Hong Kong for four days, from August 28 to 31, 2008. All their needs and expenses were paid by their company.

But according to my sister, even while travelling around Hong Kong, learning kept on heating and running in their system. And foremost of the lessons they have gathered is about discipline.

They have observed that in Hong Kong, discipline is implemented seriously and religiously – not for the sake of compliance; not merely in response to competitions; and not for the enhancement of personal ambitions.

My sister gave the following examples:

Hong Kong policemen are consistently, devotedly and honorably doing their duties. Fines for violations are shockingly high – at least 1,000 HK Dollars – and not politically sugarcoated. Drivers of public transports are strictly not allowed to talk while driving. Complaints of passengers are promptly given response and actions.

After their tour, the educators all wished that a miracle would happen upon their arrival in the Philippines: eradication of kotong cops, useless officials and filthy politicians.

Well, unfortunately for them, Philippines will be Philippines.