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Aug 2008

My own story begins somewhere in the beginning of the nineties of the 20th century. At the university I discovered that I liked to work much more than to study. Teaching, organizing conferences and programming was much more fun than rummaging through dull books.

Immediately after my studies I worked for a very short time for a big programming firm. After a fortnight it occurred to me "my God, I have to think of a way to get out of here". That's how much I liked it. Therefore, I am a strong advocate of doing a job that you really like.

Fortunately the nineties were a blessing for programmers. I acquired a big oilcompany for my employer and got my own department as thanks. I had promised to stay on for a year and so I did. After the fourth re-organization in one year I dedided by start on my own. In spite of ample raise of salary the gap between acquisition and my wages was too big.

My employer had sent me to every course they could think of. One was even more soporific than the other. And I mean this literally. My pub going will not have helped at all but o man how dull these courses were.

In my own business I had made up my mind not to follow any more courses. However, at the end of the nineties, affairs took another turn. Not only did I lose my first order, which made me doubt my sales abilities but I was also invited for a workshop by one of my biggest customers.

So as not to lose the client I arrived at the workshop acting as if I really enjoyed myself. I presupposed trying to stay awake for three days. But to my happy surprise this workshop turned out to be quite different. Sparkling, full of humour and fascinating from the first till the last minute.

After three days of the course I asked the course leader what made his course so fascinating and those others so soporific. "NLP", he said. After that I immediately bought a number of books on NLP. All the wrong books by the wrong authors. But one of those authors wrote some tough stories about his trainer. One Richard Bandler.

I quickly got hold of some of his books. When I read those I thought: "Look, he is a man after my heart. Let's find out if he is still alive and if so if he still gives training." In both cases it was a positive. So off to the United States just like that.

Bandler's site looked like it had been clicked together by a teenager. (Later on I learned that this was actually so). Big flashing texts like "Be Happy Fast Now" and "Become Richer than your Competitor". I had no idea what to expect.

Somewhere at the back of my head I presupposed that I was one of the very few trying this out. Great was my surprise therefore when in the morning I had to file up behind about a hundred and fifty people. "At least I am not the only one doing this" was what I could think.

After five minutes however, a lot became clearer when I was sitting in the full hotel auditorium. Bandler started and the first thing I thought was "O shit, I should have known this when I was fifteen. How much misery with parents, friends but especially girl-friends I could have avoided if I had learned these techniques at that time." Fortunately, an elderly man comforted me with the thought that in your late twenties was still a lot younger that he in his fifty-fifth year and of course this is so. Every day still I consider myself fortunate that I was able to learn this trade and turn it into a fulltime job.

Ever since I have published two books in the Netherlands Onbeperkt Jezelf and Klein Boekje Hoopr and one book in the U: You, Unlimited: mind reading the masses with NLP.


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