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Sand My Nostrils & Secrets In The Storm
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A Grave in Gaza

I was carried away, and haven't been so thoroughly engrossed in a novel since reading a random Dean Koontz suspense novel while spending a night in jail, but that was over ten years ago and a completely different story. Ah, but memories of jail, like the memories of Omar Yussef...

For anyone having a love for mystery and/or an open-minded interest in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, A Grave In Gaza is a must-read (I assume the other Omar Yussef mysteries are similar) if you wish to be absorbed in the feeling of being in Gaza, while simultaneously in the safety of ones own home, yet outside of the ideological slants and impersonal headlines of the news media - albeit through a fictionalized account. A Grave In Gaza is no field of flowers, nor is it any sort of glorification of one ideological group over another; it is, rather, a fast paced novel, with political twists, tragedy and violence at every turn, intertwined with Omar Yussef's uncovering of a web of deceit, while maintaining his honesty, courage, humanity, and hope. I guarantee you will feel the sand in the wind storm and its taste in your mouth as you follow the daring adventures of Omar Yussef in - A Grave In Gaza.

I was somewhat struck by the narration near the end, however, as Omar Yussef makes all the appropriate connections to solve the crimes. Perhaps this is my preference in narrative method, but Omar Yussef's exposing of the mysteries seemed sudden, to have burst out in conversation with other major characters, whereas before the exposition of the mysteries, only subtle hints appeared to the reader; if the reader were allowed to see more subtly, and drawn out over a longer period of narrative time, how the pieces fit together, A Grave In Gaza may have been more suspenseful - that is, to see Omar Yussef working through the different points of the mysteries in his thoughts. Then again, the novel is full of quick turns and daring surprises, and since Rees leaves Omar Yussef to his own thoughts, while presenting the reader with the nature of the setting and the facts that Omar Yussef also is presented with, we are with him all the way, and surprised, in the end, by his findings and keen sensibility.