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The Harmony of Great Forces

when ocean and wind unite,
       bound by sacred love
wind impregnates ocean,
       with gusts from above

she sways heavily,
       carrying his energy
wind in her womb, 
       a powerful synergy

she goes into labor,
       waves line up in scores
destined to meet their fate,
       on earths distant shores

they approach the coasts,
       of unfamiliar lands
from depths so deep,
       across reefs and sand

their life spent traveling,
       an unfathomable distance
their final moment will culminate,
       in one glorious instance

father wind moves swiftly,
       inland to off-shore
to meet his progeny,
       just once more

seeing their father wind,
       waves rise to his embrace
water sprays from their lips,
       wind caresses their face

waves in full form,
       a most beautiful sight
they dance and they crash,
       radiating bubbles so white

for the wave who has broken,
       'tis not the end
another life is awaiting
       just around the bend

energy simply transforms,
       it does not die,
this is the truth,
       there is no goodbye




"May the ocean waves created by the divine breath emanating from the Supreme One resting on the ocean floor...  ...protect and preserve all the creatures residing in the three worlds."
—Bhagavat Purana, circa 3,200 B.C.