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Two friends of mine, Karen Dionne of Backspace and Susan Henderson of LitPark, have assembled a web-wide group of 300 writers to blog about Patry Francis and her book, The Liar's Diary, today. I'm proud to be a part of it—although, frankly, I wish it weren't necessary. 

Patry, you see, has been diagnosed with cancer and will be unable to promote the release of her book in paperback. Instead of preparing to be out there on the road or in bookstores or otherwise connecting with readers face to face, she's been limited to telling her own story—without stint or sentimentality—over at her own blog, Simply Wait.

Please check it out— the blog and the book—today. And keep a kind thought for Patry, while you're at it.

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Hey, Jon. Thanks for joining

Hey, Jon.

Thanks for joining in yesterday. Your effort made a huge difference!