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Well Bity My Ass


I guess when your star shines so bright, you can forget that you might be blinding people.


That’s what happened to three so-called funny guys on a popular morning radio show this week in Atlanta, “Mayhem in the A.M.”


Steak Shapiro, Nick Cellini and Chris Dimino, probably Atlanta’s most popular sports radio personalities, were all fired this week after an ill-fated attempt at humor blew up in their collective faces. They performed a mocking sketch with Shapiro interviewing Cellini, who was pretending to be Steve Gleason, a former New Orleans Saints football player who is fighting for his life, battling ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), or Lou Gehrig’s disease. The skit was awkwardly distasteful and the outcry from sports fans all over the nation forced 690 The Zone to dump the trio later that afternoon. Gleason, who has lost the ability to use his arms and legs and the ability to speak, continues to battle the debilitating disease that attacks nerve cells in the brain and spine. 


I actually feel sorry for Dimino, because he is the only real journalist in the group. He is always prepared and I think it was a case of him just getting stuck in the room with the other two boobs. I am sure with his talents and an ability to get deep into the sports story, not just do superficial pieces like most radio jocks do, Dimino will have no problem finding a new job.


It is funny about radio personalities – you put a microphone in front of anyone and they instantly become a super comedian.


I have always thought that Shapiro, and Cellini were just Yankee blowhards, or as we used to say over in Alabama, a couple of Damn Yankees (a Damn Yankee is one who moves south and stays). They come down here to Atlanta, never pick up the accent and just gripe about every bad play that happens in sports. And the worst thing about Shapiro and Cellini is that they think everyone wants to hear what they have to say. It is like they think they are bigger than the game itself.


I used to be a sports writer and I was always amazed at how some fat slob sports writer who never played a sport could criticize guys like Bear Bryant if a play he called went wrong. I can remember Shapiro acting like he was the sporting God almighty, criticizing guys like Nick Saban (Alabama super coach), Mark Richt (Georgia almost super coach) and anyone else that ever called a bonehead play.


Well Steak, you called a bonehead play, and now your big mouth pretty much bit you in the ass.