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Radhanath Swami - THE JOURNEY HOME: Autobiography of an American Swami

In 1950, Radhanath Swami (nee Richard Slavin) was born into a middle class Jewish family in Chicago. At age 19, he set out to wander the world in search of a closer connection to God.

He hitchhiked across Europe and the middle East — through Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and ending up in India. Along the way he survives multiple near-death encounters including run-ins with drug smugglers, robberies at knifepoint, an attack by a pack of wild dogs, being held captive by a large venomous snake, and nearly suffocating in quicksand.

Penniless and half-starved, he arrives in India and climbs to remote regions of the Himalayas where levitating recluses are among the many famous and unknown mystics who train him in the life of a wandering mendicant.

Today, Radhanath Swami is one of India’s premier spiritual leaders, with public appearances that draw thousands of followers. Last winter he was invited to the Presidential Palace to meet the President so she could personally thank him for all he has done for India. His contributions include: the formation of a massive food distribution center for indigent children, the establishment of orphanage, an eye clinic, and a hospital that heals both the body and the mind.

His Holiness Radhanath Swami and I will be discussing his extraordinary memoir THE JOURNEY HOME, and his remarkable journey to enlightenment.

Please call 347.327.9995 on Tuesday October 5th from 10-11am U.S. CDT to join his Holiness and I live on the air with your questions and personal stories.


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