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“Family System in Crisis” with Melody Brooke & Mike Henricks

Melody Brooke and Mike Henricks married 12 years ago after a lifetime of struggles with a system that deprived their children of the relationships they deserved to have had with their fathers. Melody and Mike realized that the system of adversarial relationships that our court system has devised, places punishment on children. Together they have written a screenplay addressing this issue titled, That’s Not How It’s Done.

Their collective vision and mission is to encourage divorced parents to take a creative look at how a heart awakening approach can help them find a common ground that will help their children live a happier and more productive life.

Melody, Mike and I will be discussing about their lives journey and their current project - That’s Not How It’s Done - the movie.

Please call 347.327.9995 on Tuesday August 9th from 10-11 am U.S. CT to join us live on the air with your questions and comments.