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Dallas, TX
Oct 2009

Like a pot of the famous Louisiana gumbo, Johnny Tan’s life has been richly flavored over the years by his 9 moms.

In April 2007, Johnny began recording the many heartfelt moments and words of wisdom expressed in the kitchen. The result is “From My Mama’s Kitchen - food for the soul, recipes for living.”

Adopted at birth in Malaysia, Johnny arrived in the United States at 18 to attend LSU in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Here, he began a journey that led him into crossing paths with several women he affectionately referred to as moms. His 9 moms provided inspiration, support and life skills that guided him towards his pursuit of personal excellence.

After college, Johnny worked in the restaurant industry for 18 years. He left a successful career as chief operating officer in 2001 to fulfill a dream of owning his own business. Today, The Reyna Collection® is a premier multi-line resource group representing several major companies and manufacturers with a diverse product line which includes architectural antiques, bronzes, and custom designed water features.

Living by his personal vision and mission statement (on website), Johnny is committed to enriching the lives of all the people he meets. He uses potent leadership to support the people he represents, endeavoring to bolster their spirits and the good of the community.

Johnny is also an accomplished ballroom dancer with an amateur status. He has performed with his dance partners for more than 10 years at various ballroom and charity events in Louisiana and Texas. He currently resides in Dallas, Texas.

Highlights from Johnny’s extraordinary life include:

Founder: From My Mama’s Kitchen® – 2010
The author of multi-award winning book: From My Mamaʼs Kitchen – “food for the soul, recipes for living” – 2010 (book published in 2009)
Talk radio host: From My Mamaʼs Kitchen® Talk Radio (FMMKTalkRadio) – April 2009 – present
Leadership speaker: From My Mamaʼs Kitchen® – December 2008 – present
Owner: Batik World® – 2002 – 2004, The Reyna Collection® – 2003 – present
Chief operation officer: Miller Properties, Inc. – 1993 – 2001
Chairman: Baton Rouge Area Convention and Visitor Bureau – 2001
Commissioner: Baton Rouge Sister Cities Commission – 2000
Chairman: Louisiana Restaurant Association Education Committee – 1998
Chairman: Project Baton Rouge 2020 – A Vision of Opportunity with a World of Possibility – 1997
President: Louisiana Restaurant Association Baton Rouge Chapter – 1995

Vision and Mission Statement

Johnny believes the best way to know him is through his personal vision and mission statement, which he composed in January 1996.

For Myself: Using my gift of creativity and imagination, I will continue to invent the future by expressing my visions courageously in words and actions. I will always be a professional – honoring integrity, justice, kindness, and will always be humble and have a sense of humor in everything I do.

For My Family: They are my treasure. I will always promote and take the lead in building healthy and loving relationships that allow each of us to become his or her best.

For My Professional Life: I will create a learning environment that is fair and honest. I will cultivate and inspire others to greatness and success by acting as a catalyst in a shared vision.

For My Community: I am committed to enriching the lives of all who cross my path. I will let potent leadership ring through the community. I will join hands with my brothers and sisters respecting everyone’s rights. I will support the people I represent, and endeavor to bolster their spirits and the good of the community.

Talk about evidence of the results of exactly what Johnny teaches – partner with others to serve and make a difference and you will achieve more than you can imagine possible!


The kitchen which is the heart and soul of any home is highlighted as a one-of-a-kind classroom where these women (my nine moms) become aware of both the challenges and rewards of life, and where they discover themselves – their strengths, weaknesses, creativity, and private sanctuary.
Just as women’s lives expand to encompass far more than the kitchen, so does my book. I show how these women continue to embrace the roles of teacher, coach, and counselor for their loved ones while continuously working on their own personal goals, challenges, and refinements.
I share their timeless loving wisdom that makes such a positive difference in my life and the lives of those they love. Finally, in the normal cycle of the human life, each one of us will eventually become our parent’s parent, and this is where “we come to a full circle by fulfilling the synergy of family oneness.”
This book is about women empowerment – it is about motherly love, and about paying tribute and honoring mothers everywhere for their spiritual, inspirational, and motivational contribution in making a positive difference in the lives of their loved ones. Mothers – the forgotten heroes our lives!

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Ballroom Dancing, Cooking, Community Service, Reading, Writing, Blogging, Physical Fitness, Golf, Traveling, World History, and Performing Ballroom Showdances.