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Does self-publishing mean you’ll never have a chance at winning a book award? It certainly seems that way. The PEN New England Hemingway Foundation Award for First Fiction notes on its submission form — in bold type no less: No self-published books, electronic submissions, or e-books are eligible...
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To be an indie author is to be (at varying times) an editor, a designer, a production manager, and a publicist. It’s not easy being an expert at so many things. So I devote a fair amount of my time learning from the experts. Fortunately, many of them publish blogs. And by experts I’m not just...
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Penguins swimming off the coast of Punta Tombo   It is all too easy to assume that penguins are clumsy animals. After all, we typically encounter them on land, where they spend roughly half their lives. And boy are they awkward on land. But they are not built for setting land speed records....
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In the past few weeks I've received a number of questions about the cover of The Tourist Trail. Did you take this photo? Are these really penguins? And what kind of penguins are they? Before I answer, let me zoom in a bit: First of all, yes, these are indeed real penguins. I took this photo a few...
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