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John Vorhaus's Books

Under the Gun
 Under the Gun tells the story of Hal Harris, an earnest young straight who’s never played poker before in his life, but whose brother, Guy, lives deep in that degenerate demimonde. When Guy is murdered, Hal inherits an entry chip into the Poker Apocalypse, “the biggest poker tournament in the history of ever.” Desperate to unravel the mystery of Guy’s death, Hal sets out to skill...
The Comic Toolbox
The definitive comedy writing bible for writers from Santa Monica to Scandinavia. "No other book on writing I've read - and I've read a lot! - kept me chuckling throughout. I'd recommend this book for the laughs alone, but I can also recommend it as the fount of writing wisdom it entails.Vorhaus not only explains the basic types of humor and the elements of a comic plot, but...